Former Psychic Highlights Spiritual Deception in Divination’s Impact on Americans

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James Lasher

Daily Wire personality Michael Knowles, host of “The Michael Knowles Show,” recently interviewed a former psychic, a discussion that was unveiled on Saturday. In this exchange, they explore the prevalent practice of divination in the United States and its connections to the spiritual realm.

During the interview, Jen Nizza shares her journey of being drawn into the realm of psychics from a young age, largely due to the influence of her mother, aunt and sister. She recounts her early encounters with tools such as tarot cards, which she describes as a bridge into other forms of divination. These experiences profoundly convinced her of a unique ability residing within her. As she persisted in her pursuits, Nizza evolved into a professional psychic.

“When I was a real psychic medium, I really wanted to help people,” she says. “I was told I had a gift from God. There’s that little that you know, and that draws you in, right? Because you’re thinking, ‘This is a gift. This is so helpful. This person is nice and compassionate,’ and we’re hugging and crying.”

Nizza reveals that her time as a psychic brought substantial financial gains, with her readings commanding fees in the “hundreds of dollars” range. Additionally, she took the lead in conducting her own sessions to teach divination techniques. However, as she continued on this path, a sense of unease started to envelop her. This eventually led her to undergo a transformation in her beliefs, and she embraced Christianity.

“I wasn’t scared until I started seeing scary things and hearing scary things and getting touched by demons because think about the devil giving you this power,” Nizza recalls. “You like to have pride. You like to have power, right?”

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Hailing from Long Island, New York, Nizza says her divination endeavors thrived in the vibrant atmosphere of New York City. She pointed out that the surge in a “godless culture” has paved the way for a heightened demand for occult practices. Individuals seek insights and authority, often turning to practices with spiritual connection, she says. However, Nizza cautions that these practices can be deceptively appealing, often cloaked in an innocent facade—sometimes even presenting themselves as aligned with Christian beliefs.

“This is the deception, Michael, that people really do need to know … because they’re going to use God’s words and even prayers,” Nizza says. “And that’s another way to suck you into something that is so demonic.”

Nizza also emphasizes that divination holds an “addictive” nature, revealing that her psychic enterprise expanded significantly through word-of-mouth endorsements, a testament to the consistent accuracy of her readings. Knowles mentions the intriguing trend of individuals repeatedly seeking out psychics, noting that this suggests the practice doesn’t genuinely provide meaningful assistance to people.

“If the psychic came in and fixed your problem, well, I guess that person wouldn’t be a psychic,” Knowles says. “And the powers that control the psychic experience wouldn’t be who they are either.”

“Well, you hit the nail on the head,” Nizza replies. “It’s a hamster wheel, but that’s all it is. But they’re getting a taste of something that fulfills them for 50 minutes. Yeah, And then because it’s not what they’re really needing, right? They’re looking for peace. They’re looking for joy, They’re looking for answers. They’re looking for wisdom, they’re looking for knowledge. But they’re going to the wrong time for that. They’re going to the demonic side of this, not to God.”

To watch Michael Knowles’ full interview, click here.

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.

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