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Ex-Teen Witch Delivered from Occult

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Shelby Bowen

Ex-teen witch Sarah Sumpolec is warning the body of Christ about the seduction of witchcraft in America today. Not only are impressionable youth submerged with content on social media making witchcraft look appealing and fun, there is hardly any talk against the demonic agenda in the church today.

“My family was kind of a-religious in a lot of ways,” Sumpolec says. Her dad introduced her to witchcraft at a young age, telling her about the powers and destiny within her. As a teenager with no identity in Christ, that was powerful to her.

Living in a house with a parent practicing witchcraft opened the doors to the demonic realm. Sumpolec’s house was filled with demons and spirits manifesting around her.

For those enveloped in New Age and Witchcraft practices, there is an idea of one kingdom being present. “They pretend there is this neutral middle ground. There is no neutral power. You are either plugged into Jesus or plugged into something else,” Sumpolec says.

Right before she left for college, Sumpolec believed the lies of the enemy that her life would be better if she committed suicide. In a miraculous moment, God saved her from that suicide attempt. She left for school and met her two roommates would have an eternal impact on her life.

They invited her to a meeting where she heard her first sermon. It was her Paul on the road to Damascus moment. “It was from not understanding any of it to saying ‘I think I’ve been doing the wrong thing,'” She describes

Sumpolec started reading the Bible and being discipled by another believer. She had read so much about the world of witchcraft she immediately saw the parallels. Satan takes the truth of God and twists it while he masquerades as an angel of light.

Her encounter with God was so transformative she went on the Tyra Banks show with a panel of witches as the only ex-witch speaking out against the practice.

The body of Christ needs to be open and honest about the dangers of witchcraft facing the church and the young generation. A large portion of Jesus ministry was delivering people from demons and talking about the realities of hell.

“We can’t walk around clueless. We have to realize we have an actual enemy who wants to destroy us and keep us from what God has for us,” she says.

The problem in America today is biblical illiteracy. How are you supposed to recognize when the enemy is lying to you if you don’t know the truth?

Luke 10:19 says, “Look, I give you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. And nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

Social media is a strong reinforcement of New Age and witchcraft principles. You may have heard many people you know talking about “manifesting” something in their life. “This idea of manifesting is witchcraft flat and simple. It’s based in this idea that you have the power to create something or have something happen,” she says.

Our words do matter and have the power to produce life and death. “Words are really important but the difference in manifesting is saying that you have that power. You’re demanding something,” Sumpolec says.

Witchcraft is the sin of rebellion. As a witch you don’t need God because you can go and get power yourself because you believe you deserve it.

The Bible says that in the End Times many will be deceived. What can start as a slight manipulation of the truth can open the door to the demonic realm in your life if you don’t arm yourself with the Word of God.

Tune in to the interview to hear how to protect the next generation and the sermon that transformed Sarah’s life forever.


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Shelby Bowen is an assistant editor for Charisma Media.




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