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This video aims to present various possibilities for the current location of the elusive Ark of the Covenant, mentioned throughout the Old Testament but most notably in the Book of Exodus.

Does the Ark remain hidden, enduring thousands of years since its last mention in the holy scriptures?

Spanning locations from Ethiopia to the underground vaults beneath the Vatican, from Jerusalem to places yet unknown, this fascinating four-part series delves into the biblical mystery alongside ALL ISRAEL NEWS’ Aaron Goel-Angot, a young archaeologist and ancient coin expert.

Join the journey by watching the video of Part 3 above or reading the transcript below.

An unbelievable rumor says treasures from [Roman Emperor] Titus’ attack on Jerusalem are now hidden in secret vaults at the Vatican.

There are stories about Israeli officials being told secrets from Catholic leaders.

It’s hard to believe without proof.

Yet, the papal palace shields very old, buried secrets.

Maybe a clever archaeologist could get these holy mysteries out in the open.

Getting such sensitive documents from strict leaders will be really difficult.

But detectives never give up thinking the Vatican’s shadowy vaults hide revelations under ancient stone and religion.

Hi. My name is Aaron Goel. I’m an archaeologist and coin expert.

Welcome to our investigation.

Could the Ark of the Covenant, that sacred chest carrying the Ten Commandments, be hidden deep inside the Vatican?

Many have looked for it, but the Vatican’s secrecy and resources make it a prime suspect’s hiding place.

The Vatican Library alone has over 1.1 million books.

Could the Ark be buried in the Reserved Collection, locked away from the public?

This is a holy place filled with sacred relics.

Maybe encrypted in the Sistine Chapel’s artwork are clues to where the Ark rests.

All signs point at the Vatican, so keep an eye out for hints about this most legendary archaeological prize on your next Vatican visit.

However, while the seven-branched candelabrum from the Arch of Titus is depicted there at Rome, the ark had disappeared long before Rome’s attack on Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

The ark is missing from the arch carving, and the Second Temple’s Holy of Holies was most probably empty, and ark-less by that time.

So, unless you are a Hollywood filmmaker looking for the next big biblical movie, I have to say the Ark is probably not in the Vatican.

Which brings us to wonder…where could it be?

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