5 Jaw-Dropping Historic Events Happening This April

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James Lasher

This April is chock-full of extraordinary events taking place in a short amount of time.

Some are viewed as prophetic warnings foretelling God’s judgment, while others are so bizarre and rare it’s hard to say their timing is a coincidence.

As chaos and uncertainty grip the hearts of many around the world, we can take solace and hope in the fact that God is in control of every event scheduled to take place, prophetic or not.

Here are five unusual events taking place in the month of April:

CERN Supercollider Firing on April 8

In their ongoing search for dark matter (or as some believe, opening portals into supernatural dimensions), the scientists in Switzerland at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, are switching on the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, and in a recent video posted to YouTube, Jim Staley of Passion for Truth Ministries has some interesting things to say about it.

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“A large portion of CERN is located in the territory of Saint Genis Pouilly,” says Staley. “In Roman times it was called Apolliacum. The town and a temple were dedicated to Apollyon—the destroyer (Shiva/Horus).

“They tell you it’s all for scientific research,” he explains. “No, they’re looking for the God particle. They want to know what’s holding the universe together, and ultimately, they’re trying to get into time travel. They want to open up the curtain of what is behind our dimension and get into the multiverse. This is what they’re after.”

NASA Will Fire 3 Rockets Named After an Egyptian God at the Eclipse

We’re at a point in time where real events are so absurd and bizarre that no one would have the imagination to make something like them up.

As the Great American Eclipse is set to take place, NASA will conduct project Atmospheric Perturbations Around The Eclipse Path (APEP). The acronym aligns with the name of the ancient Egyptian serpent god.

“Why in the world would they have to name this mission after an Egyptian god called Apep, which is the nemesis of Ra, the sun god?” Staley asks. “This is the god of destruction and chaos and darkness. So they name this mission after the god of darkness that swallows up Ra the solar god.”

That’s two references to gods of destruction occurring on the same day. Some may say it’s a coincidence; others would say there is no such thing.

The Great American Eclipse of 2024

This is the event that has many rushing to see, with over 1 million people expected to travel to places in the path of the eclipse.

What has drawn the eye of many is that the path of the eclipse forms an X or an aleph over the New Madrid Fault line.

“The last time that we had a comet … with its two solar eclipses that formed an X over the United States was in 1811, and three months later was the largest continental earthquake in the history of the United States,” Staley says. “So large [that] it caused the it caused the Mississippi River to flow backwards and the Liberty Bell rang on the East Coast. This is a serious, serious thing that’s happening.”

While there are a multitude of signs and biblical reasons that may indicate this is a sign from God for the repentance of the nation, this will not bring about the end of the world as many have feared and wondered.

Planets Align During Solar Eclipse

With all of the hype surrounding the Great American Eclipse, few have discussed this rare celestial event. But on April 8, end-times expert Michael Snyder shared about this occurrence, in which “Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Mars along with the Sun and the Moon all line up through Pisces looking from Jerusalem to the east.”

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According to the sky-watching site Starwalk, on April 8 “when it gets dark during the day, you’ll also see all the planets aligned in the sky! Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus will be lined up along with the eclipsed Sun.”

A full daytime alignment of planets visible from the U.S. at the same time as the total solar eclipse? The odds of that being a natural coincidence certainly seem astronomically low.

The ‘Cicadapocalypse’ Is Coming

For those who have endured the loud—and often irritating—buzzing of the cicadas when they come up from the ground to mate, this April will see two different broods, the 13-year and 17-year, arise at the same time.

“Billions, even trillions, of cicadas are going to emerge at the same time across 17 states,” Chris Simon, a professor in the University of Connecticut’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, told Live Science, according to The U.S. Sun.

That is a lot of cicadas.

What stands out about this event is its rarity. It is reported that the last time the two broods came out at the same time was 221 years ago.

People don’t need to run around thinking every single event taking place on Earth is a sign of doom. But as Christians we are called to watch, to be aware and to pay attention to the signs of the times.

So while these extraordinary events take place, try viewing them from a biblical lens. Take time to read through Scripture and see how they line up with the past and if the Lord puts anything on your heart during this exciting season.{eoa}

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.

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