Morning Rundown: School Staff Removed Following Drag Queen’s Provocative Performance

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School Staff Removed Following Drag Queen’s Provocative Prom Performance

A high school principal and several staff members are out of a job following a drag queen’s provocative prom performance.

As American Faith reported, Atrisco Heritage Academy High School in New Mexico had a drag queen come to perform at the senior class prom. The drag queen, Mythica Sahreen, wore a scanty outfit and heels, and danced with a couple of students, twerking on them.

“Could have kept it more on the side of like it being more PG with the fact that they kind of did twerk on a couple students,” one student said. “It wasn’t exactly the best, but it was something that did happen. And they did let students twerk on them.”

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Debunking Popular Lies About the Pre-Tribulation Rapture

This article by Jonathan Brentner was originally published by Harbinger’s Daily (, and is republished here with their permission. 

One of the most unpopular beliefs among Christians today is that of the pre-Tribulation rapture. Many not only scoff at our expectation of meeting Jesus in the air, but also ridicule those of us who believe it could happen at any moment.

The resulting silence in most pulpits today regarding our “blessed hope” has opened the door for a great many misconceptions about it to flourish. For many, social media and Internet searches have replaced sound biblical teaching regarding our “blessed hope.”

Below are five popular lies about the Rapture.

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Alan DiDio and Daniel Kolenda: Is Cessationism Heresy?

Is cessationism heresy? This is the question Bishop Alan DiDio and Daniel Kolenda have set out to answer in a recent podcast episode of Encounter Today.

Christians have debated back and forth for years about whether or not the gifts of the Holy Spirit have ceased to exist in our modern world. For charismatics and Pentecostals, the same gifts of tongues, prophecy, teaching and more are just as relevant today as they were when the Holy Spirit came upon the followers of Jesus after His ascension to heaven.

However, there are plenty of Christians who disagree with this belief, clinging to the idea that these gifts left after the disciples passed away. Reviewing the “Cessationist” movie trailer, DiDio and Kolenda look at the philosophy and theology behind the cessationist movement.

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