Why This Christian Political Insider Is Telling the True Story of Donald Trump

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Steve Strang

The media spins a lot of stories about President Donald Trump, and most of them are negative. But my friend, Doug Wead, is telling the truth about Trump in his new book, Inside Trump’s White House.

Wead has had much experience in the political arena over the years. He worked closely with George H.W. Bush in the White House and helped him get his finger on the pulse of the evangelical community at that time. He even coauthored a book with Bush, which came out in 1988 and was titled George Bush: Man of Integrity.

And now, he’s telling the true stories behind how Trump picked Mike Pence as his vice president, why he chose his daughter to work in the White House and what really happened during the exchange between Ivanka Trump and Steve Brannon. Apparently, many people have written false accounts of those stories.

I invited Wead onto my “Strang Report” podcast to discuss some of that. What the liberal media don’t seem to realize is that American presidents in the past have also appointed their children to White House positions.

“Donald Trump won the election and he appointed his son-in-law Jared Kushner and his daughter, Ivanka Trump, to positions in the White House and the media went crazy,” Wead says. “They said, ‘That’s never happened before. That’s unprecedented.’ And when New York Times called me, I said, ‘No, she’s the 18th son or daughter of an American president to be appointed to a White House position. No, it’s not unprecedented.’

“And in the middle of the night, the BBC had me come in downtown Washington into a studio and do an interview with them for the early morning show in London. And they said, ‘Well, why would the president pick his own daughter and son?’ I said, ‘Because she’s loyal. And very quickly, the president will learn the most important characteristic he needs in a White House staff is not ability; it’s loyalty.’

“… I thought, Nobody will ever see that TV show. Just people in England that I don’t know. Nobody’s watching. But I was wrong. Ivanka Trump was watching. And she sent an email and said thanks, and that began a conversation with her that led to the book.”

In fact, so many people dislike Trump that Wead actually encountered someone who threatened his life if he published his book.

“It was in the Russian language, and [she said,] ‘You’d better not publish that book or this will happen,'” Wead says.

He says that what sets his book apart from the many others written about Trump is that he utilizes firsthand sources, whereas many others use second- or thirdhand sources that give false information. But Wead was very fortunate in that he got access to speak directly to Ivanka and was thereby able to write an accurate, firsthand account of what’s really going on in the White House.

If you would like to gain more insight into what Trump is really doing for America, you can connect with Wead on his website, dougwead.com. You can also find more information there about the six U.S. presidents and 30 siblings of presidents he’s interviewed.

Hear more about Wead’s incredible discoveries while writing his new book as you listen to today’s podcast.

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