Why Lance Wallnau Sees Parallels Between the Ark Going to Philistines and What We See Today

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Author, evangelical leader and political commentator Lance Wallnau has watched the meltdown of the United States in recent months with great concern. The cultural events and issues, he says, “forced him” to seek out Scriptures in the Bible where, similarly, the “glory departs,” and the “Ark leaves the land of Israel.” What he heard from the Lord is absolutely stunning and holds fresh promise for those of us who are jealous for the glory of the Lord to be revealed in our day.

What happened to Israel in 1 Samuel 5, Wallnau says, is exactly what is happening to America right now. It is the reason why our flag, the symbol many refer to as “Old Glory” and what once represented everything that is good, is crumbling right before our very eyes.

The evil that befell Israel has taken over in America and the “glory” that once made this country shine bright worldwide is quickly dissipating. But Wallnau is prophesying that the glory has not completely disappeared and, in fact, will get brighter again.

“I’ve received a Word that hasn’t been this strong in my spirit since I got the Donald Trump theme back in 2015,” Wallnau told me on a recent episode of the Strang Report podcast. “When I saw the debacle in Afghanistan, I saw the woke flag and the America flag one day, and then I saw the embassy collapse the next day. I shook my head and the thought came to me. I remembered in 1 Samuel where the glory had departed. I watched the Middle East collapse. … It looks like Biden, in all of his bumbling, has created the perfect self-inflicted wound to facilitate it. … But where does the glory go? It goes into the camp of the Philistines. Then if you watch that, in 1 Samuel 5, the Ark of God is in the House of Dagon. Their idol falls down flat.

“This is what the Lord said, and I hope this will encourage everyone. I feel like the Lord has said it. The Lord allowed [the 20202 election] to go the other way. I believe the Lord allowed it to happen for many reasons. But what has come out of that is the party in power has taken and touched something that has to do with the glory that is still yet in the United States; that, in a sense, it has been taken captive. It’s like it’s been kidnapped. It’s like it’s been stolen.”

But why has this happened? The Israelites asked that question of the Lord and Wallnau is asking the same question now.

“The problem the Philistines had was that the Ark didn’t rise up and defend Israel, like we all pray for God to rise up with us and give us victory. Israel ended up defeated in front of their enemies. They had to ask a great question, ‘Why has the Lord defeated us today before the Philistines?’ That was my question because I know the Philistine forces that are out there now. I know that we are praying and fasting and walking around and praying and blowing shofars and repenting on Zoom calls all day.

“Why has the Lord allowed it? When Israel didn’t have the Ark and the Philistines took it, they had a problem. Now they had God in their camp and God was judging them directly, and they couldn’t blame the Israelites. You’ll notice the enemy is trying to blame the unvaccinated. He’s going to try to blame Christian exemptions for religious reasons and they are going to try to find a way to blame their problems on others. But the inflation problem, the militant Israel problem, the collapse of American prestige, the economic interruptions, the fuel prices: they’re not going to be able to get away from the narrative. I believe the Ark of God is now causing the idol to fall flat on its face.

“I believe right now that the Philistines have made a mistake. They have touched something about the destiny of America; they touched the unfinished assignment on America. In a sense, they’ve messed with the glory of something. And now the glory is at war with them. You’re going to see darkness and light hidden together but it’s a perfect moment for the American uprising.

“The Christians that are out there should realize the low-hanging fruit. The low-hanging fruit is the 45 million people that voted for Donald Trump that believe in America; that are distressed immeasurably about its destruction; who have notional ideas of Christianity but haven’t met Jesus. We’re seeing the first fruits of a truckload of conversions of Republicans that love America that are hoping that something is going to change but need Jesus. That’s the harvest, and it’s right in front of us right now, probably 10 million to 20 million strong.”

Indeed, those are very encouraging words from Lance Wallnau. We know the Word of God is true and that all things do work together for the good of those who love him and are called according to His purpose. That’s been true ever since those words were written in Scripture, and they will continue to ring true until America is restored to its original glory.

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