Watch Me Discuss ‘God and Donald Trump’ and How to Get a Signed Copy

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Rick Wiles of TruNews was one of Donald Trump’s earliest supporters—long before I got behind him. So, my book God and Donald Trump really resonated with him. TruNews was also the only Christian media in attendance at Davos, Switzerland, where the president held up a copy.

Earlier this week, Rick interviewed me on his program, and we probed why Christians supported such an unlikely candidate as Donald Trump. We also reviewed what Trump has accomplished in his first year in office. You can watch the interview here.

On the program, I offered signed copies of my book for viewers who call our customer service line (1-800-283-8494) and pay with a credit card. We’ll pay the shipping. We have never offered this before. We got such a good response on TruNews that I am offering it to my Strang Report readers. Simply call during business hours or leave a voicemail.

The president has survived accusations hurled at him regarding Russian collusion, racism and bigotry, rumors of trysts and State of the Union boycotts.

Trump never dodges a fight, whether in business, politics or even on social media. After 12 months in office and a lifetime in the spotlight, he remains an enigmatic figure for many.

Trump received surprising early backing by charismatic Christian leaders. Also among his early supporters were old friends such as celebrity coaches, athletes, movie stars, rockers and media moguls. Unlike so many of the candidates who preceded him, Trump refused to run from controversy and seemed to enjoy a well-publicized spat.

Liberals can’t imagine how anyone could support the man, while many conservatives see him as a game-changer, a scrapper and someone who has an irresistible sense of purpose. He has an undeniable love for his country and the ability to fight for their values and beliefs, and that means a lot, even if it’s sometimes difficult to defend his behavior.

From the start, Trump was a political outsider, and when the 2016 presidential campaign began, few Republican voters were willing to resurrect dead horses like Mitt Romney and John McCain. Instead, after eight years of the most confrontational and disruptive administration in history, conservative and evangelical voters were looking for new blood, fresh faces and an enthusiastic candidate who could energize the base and attract support from as many communities as possible.

Eventually, a total of 17 candidates made their pitch to the people, and every debate platform looked more like a Brooks Brothers showroom than a contest for the nation’s highest office. When Donald Trump suddenly appeared on the scene, nobody really gave him a chance. New Yorkers knew Trump. He was one of their own, and as long as he seemed to be just another New York liberal and reality-TV celebrity, the media adored him. He seemed harmless. But the minute he declared his intention to run for the presidency as a Republican, he suddenly became a pariah.

The fact that he is a total outsider proved the main thing in Trump’s favor when he entered the race—that and his brash behavior as a man unafraid to speak his mind. But there was something else in the mix that hardly anyone expected—Trump’s support from an unlikely source.

For more information on God and Donald Trump, visit GodandDonaldTrump.com and view the book’s video. Visitors to the site can also download a free chapter and order the book. Make sure to call 1-800-283-8494 and order with a credit card to receive a signed copy.

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