Vision for the Future in the Face of Cancel Culture

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Steve Strang

Sometimes when I talk about cancel culture (the subject of my new book), I say I have been familiar with it for decades, even if in a different form than now.

Today it’s more about politics or “wokeness.” Back then, some people looked down on others who spoke in tongues or believed in the gifts of the Spirit. There were some who liked to squelch anything Pentecostal or charismatic. And these were besides irreligious secularists who gave no credence to the Christian point of view in academia or the media.

At the time, I was a secular journalist and could see the beginnings of today’s left-leaning press. I didn’t want to spend my life in newspaper journalism. I Ioved Jesus and wanted to serve Him, yet I wasn’t a preacher. I had an entrepreneurial bent, yet I had no experience and even less money.

The Lord opened the door for me to publish a little church magazine for what we would consider peanuts today. By God’s grace, that first magazine developed into Charisma Media. My vision was the same then as it is today, to write about Spirit-led living and the power of the Holy Spirit. We wrote about miracles and deliverance and gifts of the Spirit. Over the years we “introduced” many new ministries, from T.D. Jakes to Jonathan Cahn. We’ve covered charismatic ministry leaders, worship, music and the Messianic Jewish movement. For me, Charisma magazine has been a platform to motivate the church to press in to God and stand for righteousness. I believe we are still doing that today.

With God’s help, we’ve navigated many changes, from the advent of the internet to the ongoing shifts across the media landscape. Now we’re making a new change we believe will make Charisma stronger financially and better able to thrive as print advertising has moved mostly online. We are moving to a bi-monthly calendar—six larger issues a year. Actually, Charisma began as a bi-monthly magazine, as most Christian magazines were.

I believe so much in the magazine that we are doing a major campaign to grow our circulation. We need your help by renewing your subscription and encouraging others to read the magazine about Spirit-led living.

My vision for serving the charismatic community is stronger than ever. Charisma is still a watchman on the wall, calling for righteousness, standing for strong biblical values and motivating our readers to experience the power of the Holy Spirit.

I invite you to discover other things the Lord has led us to do:

  • Check out my new book, God and Cancel Culture (and my other books) at stevestrangbooks.com
  • Listen to my Strang Report podcast on all podcast platforms and our Charisma Podcast Network. It’s now at over 13 million downloads. I’ve recorded almost 1,000 podcasts that I hope will encourage the Spirit-filled community with topics including current events, our religious freedom and cancel culture.
  • Watch for exciting news on the national release of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s new documentary based on his recent book Harbinger II.
  • Become a “Charisma Insider,” email me at [email protected]. This is a type of focus group with periodic emails to give feedback on the magazine or advice on my books.
  • Get my email newsletter, The Strang Report, to keep up with what God is doing. Join us at c[email protected].

In spite of everything, God is still on the move. The Bible says all things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. One of the good things happening today is that some Christians have gained new boldness and are pressing into the things of God as never before.

Count on Charisma to continue reporting on the power of the Holy Spirit, about miracles and victory and having a positive, happy life serving God. This is why Charisma was raised up and it remains our vision for the future.

As you stand strong, know there is an army of like-minded people you can stay in touch with in Charisma magazine.

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