The Fatal Toll of Lesbianism and Feminism

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Michael L. Brown

According to a study by the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, “bisexual women die, on average, nearly 40% younger than heterosexual women, while homosexual women die 20% sooner.” These tragic numbers should concern all of us, regardless of our attitudes toward lesbianism and bisexuality. If you care about people, you hate to hear this.

As the Daily Mail reports, “The researchers used data from the Nurses’ Health Study II, a cohort of over 100,000 female nurses born between 1945 and 1964 and surveyed since 1989.”

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So, while the study focuses on a particular segment of society, it relies on a tremendous amount of data and covers almost 30 years of death records.

What was the cause of these alarmingly shortened life-expectancies? According to lead author Dr. Sarah McKetta, Research Fellow at the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, “The difference in mortality is said to be due to the ‘toxic social forces’ LGBTQ people face, which can ‘result in chronic stress and unhealthy coping mechanisms.'”

The theory is that bisexual women, who face stigmatization both inside and outside the LGBTQ community, have the most social isolation, whereas lesbians only face that isolation outside the LGBTQ community.

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