Morning Rundown: Greg Locke Releases Groundbreaking Plans for Church

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Greg Locke Releases Groundbreaking Plans for Church

In a live Facebook stream, Pastor Greg Locke revealed the plans for a new building at Global Vision. After seeing his ministry explode in the past few years, meeting under a tent because of the influx of people coming to the church, he says it is now time to move into a new era.  

“This today is a teaser,” Locke says. “For four years we have seen the glory of God in this church in ways that most pastors would saw their right arm off to experience. So, we can never take it for granted. If God lifted it today, we’ll go down in the history books as one of the churches that has been a portal of the glory of God in this nation for the last few years.”

Locke says there is a season for meeting in a tent to see God’s visitation and a time then for experiencing His long-term dwelling.

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Evangelist Exposes ‘Darker Turn’ of Taylor Swift’s Music

An evangelist who recently went viral for his critical response to pop star Taylor Swift’s latest album is explaining his commentary and why he’s encouraging Christian parents to be more discerning.

“I’m not an anti-Taylor guy,” Shane Pruitt told CBN News. “I’m [a] pro-Gospel guy.”

He continued, “Anything that I know is largely affecting parents, or Christians, or people in the church that seems to … be anti-Gospel, I think we lovingly call it out.”

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Hollywood Actor Criticizes Bible, Calls It ‘One of the Worst Books’

A popular actor recently unleashed on the Bible, God and religion, calling faith a figment of people’s imaginations and critiquing the impact of religion on society.

“Succession” star Brian Cox called the Bible “one of the worst books ever” and said those who believe the Adam and Eve narrative are “stupid” in a recent episode of “The Starting Line” podcast.

Cox, 77, even seemed to allege so-called patriarchal issues have been sparked, in part, by the Bible’s Genesis narrative.

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