The Real Reason Why Some African Americans Voted for Trump

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Steve Strang

In honor of Black History Month, I interviewed several of my friends who serve as leaders in the black community. One of them was my good friend Bishop George Bloomer, who is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. Until 2019, Bloomer hosted the Spiritual Authority television show on the Word Network, which serves a predominately black audience. His boldness and unique insights into what’s going on in our culture offer a fresh perspective that every American needs to hear.

On my Strang Report podcast, he told me one of the major issues he sees in America right now is the stereotype that all black people are Democrats. This is entirely untrue. In fact, newly freed slaves who got their constitutional rights through the 13th and 14th amendments unanimously registered Republican.

And there’s no denying that, even today, Donald Trump has a significant following of black voters—despite what the media would lead you to believe. So why have black people historically voted for Republican presidents? And why did many black voters help elect Trump in 2016?

“Although I’m a Republican, I don’t consider myself as a Republican or Democrat,” says Bloomer. “I call myself a conservative. I wrote a book titled Elephants in the Church, and it’s amazing that what is going on now fits what we wrote about back then. Under George Bush, the face of the conservative African American movement was Condoleezza Rice, who speaks three languages and plays classical piano; [and also] J.C. Watts …

“I mean, those were the faces that we saw. Under Trump, we have very, very good guys and friends of mine; for example, we have Darrell Scott. … Donald Trump is standing for life, supporting Israel, religious liberty. He’s even taken an interest in the persecuted Christians around the world.”

Bloomer says though causes like the Black Lives Matter movement are important, they’re not as crucial as social issues such as abortion. As Christians, we have to stand up against such atrocities.

“I was on The Word Network, and they were like, ‘Bishop Bloomer, how do you feel about Black Lives Matter?’ And I said, ‘I care about Black Lives Matter, but we’ve got to stop killing our babies,'” Bloomer says. “They said, ‘You mean gun violence?’ and I said, ‘No, before we even get to the streets of Chicago or New York City, I’m talking about in little doctors’ offices.'”

Additionally, Bloomer says some of the things we’re seeing in politics and the news, such as the coronavirus, could be evidence we’re heading into an “apocalypse.”

“I see the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse,” Bloomer says. “I see the white horse, the red horse, the pale horse and the black horse. I see the white horse as false religion, the red horse as communism and war, the pale horse as sickness and disease, and the black horse as the economy. I hear the galloping of all of those horses, moving right now at one time. We’ve got this disease that is coming to us out of China. With all due respect, the nation is now praising someone from the Mormon church as the moral voice of the Christian movement.”

Bloomer is right—too many in America are harping on the nonessentials while clinics across the nation kill unborn children. I hope Christians will wake up to what’s going on and pray until God brings a breakthrough. No matter how dark our culture gets, He can certainly bring a turnaround!

Be sure to listen to my entire podcast episode with Bloomer here, and if you like what you read, share it with a friend.

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