Morning Rundown: Cindy Jacobs’ Powerful Word at Prophetic Briefing: ‘If the Church Repents, I Will Relent’

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Cindy Jacobs’ Powerful Word at Prophetic Briefing: ‘If the Church Repents, I Will Relent’

During a prophetic briefing with the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, Cindy Jacobs shared a Word that the Lord had given her about Europe, the Middle East and North America.

“Do not think that the people who are protesting and calling for a Palestinian state are just protesting on behalf of Palestine,” Jacobs prophesies. “Whether they understand or not, there is an insurrection forming that is like unto the communist takeover in Russia for the downfall of the tsars. Only this time they are aiming for the nations of Canada, the U.S. and the nations of the world.”

Jacobs says that what is happening with the protests of students across the nation goes much deeper than they understand. There are forces behind the alliance with Iranian caliphate and Hezbollah that have a goal of destruction. The nations in the Middle East will have no choice but to choose a side because of the caliphate’s takeover of the land. Nations like Russia and China will also join forces with the Islamic states. However, she says the forces of Islam will not allow them to stick with these other nations.

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Kirk Franklin’s Dance Routine at Gospel Event Alarms Fans

Taking the stage as one of the headlining acts at the 65th anniversary of “Fun in the Son,” an annual music event in National Stadium, Kingston, Jamaica, musician Kirk Franklin caused quite the stir.

Sponsoring the event is Best Dressed Chicken, think of them like the Jamaican version of Chick-fil-A wherein they put faith at the forefront of their business, who is owned by another faith based company, Jamaica Broilers Group.

For some reason, Franklin decided to put on a dance number that turned off many in the crowd, with reports of people leaving during the performance.

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Prophetic Warning: ‘America, You Have 2 Years’

In a recent episode of the “Strang Report” podcast, prophetic voice Chuck Pierce shared profound insights about the current geopolitical landscape surrounding Israel, the current spiritual course the United States is on, and the prophetic significance surrounding the events taking place in the world today.

Pierce’s message was clear: America has two years to realign with God’s covenant plan.

The discussion began with the ongoing tensions in the Middle East, particularly the attacks on Israel by Hamas and Iran. Pierce emphasized the gravity of these events, stating, “this attack by Hamas on Oct. 7, has now dragged on six months… Israel, in my opinion, has to defend itself, and yet the world seems to be turning against Israel.” He points to the importance of Israel in God’s plan, referring to Israel as “the central covenant choice for Him to display His will in the earth realm amongst the nations.”

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