Chris Reed’s Prophetic Warning: America is Entering a Rebirth

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James Lasher

Throughout history, God has communicated with people through dreams, an event well documented since ancient times.

The Bible is rife with examples of God using prophetic dreams to speak to humanity. Sadly, in today’s times, all too many are quick to dismiss this practice as fake or conjured up.

The Bible recounts numerous instances where individuals, from the patriarchs to prophets, received divine messages and guidance through dreams. This line of communication from God to us has offered insights, warnings and instructions, and continues to this day.

In the book of Joel, it is prophesied that in the last days, God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh, leading to visions and dreams. This is referenced again in Acts 2 by Peter during his speech at Pentecost.

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Nowhere in the Bible does it say to blindly heed all utterances as prophecy, but to instead test the spirits and discern who is a false teacher or prophet.

This is exactly what Chris Reed, President and CEO of MorningStar Ministries, said when he shared a dream which he believes to be prophetic in nature due to it’s intensity. This dream occurred, Reed shares, on Saturday, Mar. 9, 2024, and in the dream an awakening took place from April of 2024 through July 2025.

“I want to submit it to you all, to pray about it, to seek the Lord about it. I believe there is hope and redemption in it. But I believe it’s a warning. … I’m only sharing the dream, no more, no less,” Reed shares to the congregation as he explains what he saw.

I was moving fast in time, starting in April 2024 (with the eclipse that crossed over Texas, which people have been talking about; it seemed Texas was pulled into this). A conception happened at this time and coincided with this eclipse, leading to something serious happening in the nation before the elections in November 2024.

This “event” caused absolute chaos and affected the elections in the U.S. in November 2024. It seemed like an epic “October surprise,” and pandemonium ensued.

I knew President Biden had fizzled out, and they had tried hard to prop him up. This “event” caused a major division of America right before and during the election time. It intensified the division to a very scary and intense level.

And then the dream shifted, and it was somehow 1968, and I was given an old newspaper which said “assassination of two major leaders in the same year of the Chicago convention” (I knew that was Robert Kennedy Sr. and Martin Luther King Jr. who were both killed in 1968). (The Democratic convention is scheduled for Chicago in 2024 as well.) But through all of this painful chaos in the streets, economy and on the news, America had a huge awakening of awareness of the evil and corruption going on in America. It was like the vast majority of the nation said, “we can never let this happen again…we can’t!”

The dream ended, and at the end of the dream it was July 2025 (July 11, was highlighted to me). It seemed like most of the chaos ended in the nation, and things started to heal by July 2025. It had all started in April/May 2024 (with the eclipse/conception) and was 40 weeks of pregnancy with intense birth pangs intensifying before the delivery, and then there were complications before the birth AND after the (40 weeks) birth. (The birth was in January 2025, and was placed in an incubator). The baby lived, and it was beautiful. The baby was named “America.”

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“We need to pray about all of this. I think this is a a warning, and a call to the intercessors and to the people of God to take this serious. Because in the dream referencing the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, referencing knowing Martin Luther King Jr. and of course Bobby Kennedy were both killed, I felt that the warning was there, [it] seems to be an indication of a coming assassination attempt sometime during this 16-month process from April 20124 till July 2025,” Reed explains.

Calling for the church to join him in prayer for America, Reed hopes that a spirit of repentance from the people of this land may divert the nation from this path of destruction.

Just as the judgment of Nineveh was averted due to their obedience, submission and repentance before the Lord, so too can the judgment of America be diverted if her people will submit once again to the ways of God and repent of our collective sin against Him.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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