The Real Reason the Church Must Rally Around Trump in 2020—and the Dangers if We Don’t

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Steve Strang

Why is it so important for Donald Trump to be re-elected in 2020? This is the very question I dive into with my latest book, God, Trump and the 2020 Election. While on a media tour for the book, I did an interview on TCT with Tom Nolan, grandson of the network’s founder, Garth Coonce.

During our interview, Nolan and I discussed this same question—why should we re-elect Trump in 2020? (Click here or on the podcast icon in this article to listen to our discussion.)

The answer to that question actually rests in our country’s Judeo-Christian foundation. The truth is the United States has always been a nation driven by Christian principles, whether all its citizens lived that way or not.

But as I told Nolan, since the 1960s, the left has become so vocal—and dare I say militant—that we now find ourselves battling a socialist agenda within our own nation.

President Barack Obama said he was going to fundamentally change America. And he did. When I was a child, I could never have imagined that the U.S. would legalize same-sex marriage. And I never could have dreamed that transgenderism would become as popular or political as it is now.

Donald Trump, I believe, is a reaction to that liberal trend. It was almost as if the country rose up and said, “Enough is enough.”

Yet no matter what good Trump has done to reverse the left’s pull on the country, the media continues to blast him. The opposition goes beyond political agendas. It’s a spiritual battle that Christians can’t afford to ignore.

After all, 2020 won’t just be another presidential race. This upcoming election is about where our country is going. The left, the liberals and the anti-God people have taken over academia, the arts, the news media and other spheres of our culture.

If we want to be able to worship God as we see fit, we have to slow down these anti-biblical regulations and agendas. Take the Johnson Amendment, for example. What this amendment does is restrict churches from endorsing political candidates at risk of losing their tax-exempt status. The result was a muzzle on the church.

Christians were relieved when Trump vowed to “totally destroy” the Johnson Amendment on Feb. 2, 2017. And although the president cannot legally remove a law, Trump managed to sign an executive order requiring the Treasury Department to go light on enforcing the amendment. It was a huge relief to many of the Christians who supported him and continue to do so.

If the church wants to continue this path, we need to elect Trump again. I hope my book God, Trump and the 2020 Election inspires Americans to do just that. You can visit godtrump2020.com to buy your own copy.

Be sure to listen to my full interview with Nolan, where we dive deep into the impact Trump has had on the country and why it needs to continue. If you agree, share this article with a friend and encourage them to vote!

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