Stephen Strang: The Media Does Not Pick the Winner

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Steve Strang

I’ve waited to give a personal word about the so-called election results, but as a longtime Christian journalist who has reported on President Donald Trump since long before he was elected, my voice matters. My word to the body of Christ and to our nation during this season of political unrest is simple: The media does not pick the winner of any election. On Saturday, Nov. 7, when The Associated Press called the election in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden, we saw that they’ve basically given themselves that responsibility—but it’s not theirs to take.

As believers, we must pray and work for the integrity of our election process. I’ve become aware of multiple instances of voter fraud such as those shown by activist Janet Porter, who has helped pro-life “heartbeat bills” pass, in this video. As she points out, it’s not just one or two things that are wrong; it’s many, many things in many, many states.

In Chapter 2 of my bestselling book God, Trump and the 2020 Election, I discuss why Trump might lose, and the No. 1 reason was voter fraud. I quoted experts, Trevor Loudon and John Graves among them, who gave examples of where Left-leaning organizations and people supported by George Soros have all kinds of clever ways to attempt to swing the election.

I wrote my various books because I believe our nation needs Donald Trump for four more years. We need him for many reasons, but at the present time, this voter fraud must be addressed. If the Left gets away with this, voter fraud will be our new normal, and we’ll have it in every election. And that makes the results of this election even more pivotal.

America is at a tipping point, and I believe the Lord wants to tip it back, away from the direction it’s going. I think that’s why He raised up Donald Trump to begin with. But some people are getting discouraged. They look at the news. Every time they hear, “Joe Biden,” the term “president-elect” is in front of his name. But you must remember that in 2000, when we had the recount here in Florida, the media called the election for Al Gore for more than a month. In the end, the Supreme Court ruled that George W. Bush had won. Just two weeks ago, Supreme Court Justice Alito ordered the state of Pennsylvania to segregate and count separately any ballots that arrived after 8 p.m. on election night. And when the Supreme Court gets involved, that’s something we can’t ignore.

With all this in mind, I believe it’s highly possible, in fact, probable, that Trump will end up winning the 2020 presidential election. Courts make decisions on the basis of compelling evidence, not hearsay. We must take care not to listen to the negative press on this issue. When Trump is reelected, he’ll clean up a lot of this corruption—the corruption he warned us about ahead of time, if you recall.

But what else can we do? We can pray. Many in the charismatic and evangelical communities are banding together in prayer to support our president and to stand in the Spirit for a just election result. I encourage you to stop listening to the biased secular media and to remain in prayer as we move through this contentious process. Make sure you like and share this episode of the Strang Report podcast with others who may need some encouragement that our battle is not yet over, and we need to stand firm on the side of truth and justice. {eoa}

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