Sid Roth Predicts Trump Will Be a ‘2-Term President’

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Steve Strang

Sid Roth

Sid Roth, host of the popular It’s Supernatural! television show, doesn’t shy away from expressing his opinions about what he sees God doing. And regarding tomorrow’s election, Roth has some well-defined thoughts.

Roth says while Trump was campaigning in the 2016 presidential race, he and a small group of pastors met with the candidate. At that point, he says, “I knew a lot of negatives about him, but I really didn’t know much about him.” But as a result of this meeting, he says he has been a Trump supporter ever since. And not only does Roth believe the president will win a second term, but he believes God will “put his finger on” Trump’s life.

In that first meeting, Roth says, “I saw a warmth coming out of him that I don’t see translated on television today, even when he’s on the air, because it’s such an adversarial situation. But I believe, No. 1, he will be a two-term president. I believe, No. 2, he’ll even get some Nobel Peace Prizes. I believe, No. 3, that his legacy will be [as] one of the great presidents of the United States.

“And I also believe that that warmth that I saw in him will shine greater and greater, as he has the following: a major encounter with God Himself,” Roth adds.

Roth says Trump not only reminds him of some of the people in the Bible, but also of himself before he came to know Christ. “I was as far away from a believer in Jesus as you could be: Jewish, in the world, as secular as you can be. The thought of God wasn’t even in my mind. I would go to the synagogue on High Holidays or Shabbat, but I was god—it was me. I was my own god, if you want to know the truth, and I got apprehended by the living God, and that’s what’s going to happen to President Trump.

“God is going to put his finger on him,” Roth says. “And you are going to see not just a brilliant president of the United States, not just a president that’s hearing from God, obviously, by the major victories this president has had, had not just a president who is literally walking in the wisdom of God. But when he is apprehended, you’re going to see humility come out of that president like you didn’t think was possible.”

Roth says, “If God could do it to me, if God could do it to Rabbi Saul, if God could do it to Stephen Strang, he can do it to President Trump. And I say a vote—because there’s still many people who haven’t voted yet—I say a vote for President Trump is a vote for America to be great and blessed by God.

“Why do I say that?” he asks. “Because a vote for the Democratic Party is a vote for the sin of child sacrifice. And someone might say, ‘Well, I mean, I don’t like this whole abortion thing. But I just can’t stand President Trump.'”

But Roth says we must closely consider the abortion issue. “A vote for Biden is a vote for child sacrifice that you will get credit for. When you get to heaven—if you get to heaven—a vote for President Trump is a vote for the blessings of God on our country, because God says, ‘I will bless those who bless the Jewish people, and I will curse those who curse them.’ As a Jewish believer in Jesus, as a dual citizenship person, I have citizenship in the United States and I have citizenship in Israel. I tell you, outside of Harry Truman, there’s been no greater blessing to my nation, Israel, than what President Trump has done in his first term.

Roth has one more key point about why we must vote for President Trump: “A vote for Biden is voting for one heartbeat away from socialism, or Marxism if you will, because they’re all the same thing with different titles. So if that isn’t enough, I don’t know what is if you call yourself a Christian.”

And Roth, who is in close touch with many of today’s most respected prophets, says all the ones whom he believes have wonderful track records are united in predicting a Trump victory. And, he says, “I’m so convinced—I know he’s going to win. I know it.”

“I believe that President Trump is a two-term president,” Roth adds. He wants his fellow believers to know that “My hope is not in President Trump,” he says. “My hope is in God. But I believe with every fiber of my being that President Trump is God’s selection, and God always uses a man or a woman. And the one that God has chosen is President Trump. And I want you to know that when I get to heaven, God will have a record of everything I’ve done. And I will say, ‘I did the right thing by voting for President Trump.’ I pray that you do the right thing.”

To hear more from Sid Roth about this crucial election and why he believes Trump has been chosen by God to be a two-term president, listen to the entire episode of the God, Trump and the 2020 Election podcast here. Be sure to like and share it with anyone who may be wavering about their vote, and continuing praying for God’s man to be chosen in this most critical 2020 election. {eoa}

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