Evangelist Mario Murillo Says Cultural Disease of Wokeness Plays Right Into Satan’s Hands

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Steve Strang

Racism has existed in America since its founding. Hatred is as old as mankind. But Evangelist Mario Murillo says the enemy has found a new way to spread it in the form of wokeness, which has put a line of division in this country that only our God of the Bible can reverse.

Black Lives Matter, Antifa and critical race theory, which is being taught in many schools and influencing millions of people in America, is helping to tear this country apart, and the enemy is loving every bit of it, Murillo says.

“One thing that everyone needs to realize is how much the devil loves racism,” Murillo says. “He doesn’t care which direction it goes, as long as it exists. He loved Jim Crow. He loved segregation.

“So what in the world is going on now? Minorities are actually begging for segregation on their college campuses—a place for whites and a place for blacks. They want to have events where whites are excluded.

“I tell people, ‘Look, the devil went down to Georgia, not just to steal a soul but because he feared that racism was about to go away permanently in America.’ His crowning achievement is getting colors to hate each other. He said, ‘I made it go one way, let’s see if I can make it go another. So, now what I’ll do is where once I identified minorities as inherently cursed and inferior, with all of these stereotypes, let’s do it to the white culture. Let’s intellectualize hatred of white people. If we throw enough mud against the wall, if we can cite enough historical grievances, then we can take it from the level that white people have done a lot of things wrong.

“So, you get the critical race theory. One of the things young people need to understand is that if you’re sitting in a classroom and the teacher says ‘whiteness is evil,’ you’ve just cursed both black and white because you told that black child you live in a world that’s rigged against you. No matter how hard you try, no matter how well you do, you’re living under white supremacy, which is a lie. There is no version of this that is right.

“This is the critical race theory, wokeness. All of it is the devil saying, ‘I have successfully regenerated the old hatred. I have merely changed the color scheme. That’s all I’ve done.’”

Murillo says it’s up to pastors to cut racism and critical race theory off at the root if we’re to defeat this evil scheme of the enemy.

“Whether they are black or white, preachers cannot fear addressing this issue,” Murillo says. “They must be courageous and please put this critical race theory where it belongs, in the ash heap of history as a racist ideology. It might as well be Nazi. It might as well be apartheid. it might as well be Jim Crow, because that’s all it is.”

This is incredible insight from an incredible man of God. Murillo is doing his part to spread the word to combat wokeness in culture. During his recent tent crusades in California, thousands of people have gotten saved and many healed.

And the response from kingdom leaders has also been phenomenal. Recently, Murillo was invited to hold a brunch in the Rochester, New York area to speak to leaders about the cultural problems in America. Expecting a small gathering, leaders from 16 different states registered for the event and 1,000 poured in.

Because of that enthusiasm, Murillo and his team will return to western New York for tent crusades in October.

“We had 1,000 reservations, and 1,000 people showed up,” Murillo said. “We had 100 percent attendance. The energy that was from God in that meeting. It was by acclimation that we said, ‘oh, we’re bringing the tent church out there. It does feel like the rush of water because our workers are on the streets and people are open to the miracle power of God. So, I’m going from California to the state of New York and the precise, same momentum and power, maybe even a little bit more intense, is starting to be revealed.”

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