Does Biblical Prophecy Predict a Giant Asteroid Will Strike Earth in 2029?

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Steve Strang

If I told you a huge asteroid were going to hit the earth on Friday, April 13, 2029, you would probably give me a funny look. But end-times expert Tom Horn doesn’t care what people think. He knows there can be healthy disagreement in the body of Christ. And he’s not ashamed to believe the Bible is 100% true—including the prophecies laid out in the book of Revelation. Does Revelation predict an asteroid will hit the earth in a little less than 10 years?

Horn thinks so. One of the end-times prophecies in Revelation 8 foretells of “Wormwood” striking the earth and causing plagues and darkness. Horn believes these Scriptures are referring to a giant asteroid that many scientists right now are calling “Apophis.”

In my podcast today, Horn explains to me why exactly he believes this biblical Wormwood is actually an asteroid. First of all, he says, if an astronomer were to read about the four trumpets in Revelation 8, he would see sign after sign of an asteroid strike.

“The first trumpet sounds, and what happens? Fire falls, and particles fall down from heaven, burning,” he says. “And they catch the grasses and the fields on fire. That’s exactly what would happen ahead of a very large asteroid or body where you have the debris that’s being pushed out in front of it, breaking up as it enters the atmosphere.”

Secondly, Revelation describes a stone like a mountain that is burning as it falls down to the earth. It strikes the ocean, destroying the ships in the sea. Horn says this could be a binary asteroid, in which one part hits the earth and one part hits the sea. Or it could be one asteroid that breaks apart as it enters the atmosphere.

In the third trumpet of Revelation, Wormwood pollutes and corrupts the waters. And then in the fourth trumpet, darkness envelops the sky and blackens everything.

“That’s exactly what would happen, with these large bodies hitting the earth, boiling the waters of the sea, causing them to rise up into the atmosphere, creating hurricane and tornado activity, impacting the earth,” he says. “The second part of it, knocking all this dust and debris up into the heavens—it would literally, for a period of two or three days, just as described in Scripture, blacken out the sun and the moon.”

Horn wants people to know that he didn’t pull the date of Friday, April 13, 2029, out of his own mind. It’s actually NASA’s date, he says. At first, NASA said there was a high chance of Apophis hitting the earth on that date. Later, they said the chance was much less, but Horn is convinced there’s a mass coverup going on in an attempt to keep chaos from breaking out across the world.

And that chaos wouldn’t be unwarranted. Apophis weighs an estimated 20 million metric tons, Horn says. It’s as big as four football fields and is traveling through space at 28,000 miles per hour. If it hits the earth, Horn says, the experts believe it would have the impact of 65,000 Hiroshima nuclear warheads going off all at one time in one place.

“Another scientist at NASA says it’s roughly equivalent to every nuke on the planet today being brought to one location and set off all at one time,” Horn says. “It could literally crack the mantle of the earth. It’s going to be at minimum representing tens of millions of deaths. But depending on where it comes down and what the long-term [effects on the atmosphere are] … it could ultimately lead to billions of deaths.”

Even though there is much about the Word of God that we don’t understand, as Christians, we believe it is true—even the parts that aren’t as seemingly comforting. But that’s exactly why we need to discern what God is saying through the Bible and, like the sons of Issachar, discern our times.

I encourage you to buy Horn’s book, The Wormwood Prophecy, and learn more about his intensive study into this end-times prophecy. Be sure to listen to my full podcast with him and share this article with a friend!

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