Dennis Prager: What’s Really at Stake in the 2020 Election

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Steve Strang

Dennis Prager says there’s a lot at stake in the upcoming presidential election—and conservatives can’t afford to be blind about it. The stakes are different than they were in 2016, says Prager, a popular conservative talk show host.

Prager says we could have lost the country in the 2016 election if Hillary Clinton had won. But that doesn’t mean the 2020 election is insignificant. On the contrary, Prager says 2020 will be the second-most important election in recent history. On my “Strang Report” podcast, Prager shares what’s really at stake in 2020—and what could happen if the left takes over. (Click here or on the podcast icon in this article to listen.)

“Much of what [Donald Trump] has done can be undone if a Democrat wins,” he says. “”[Regarding] the Iran deal, every single one of the 20 candidates asked about it—who are running for president or for the nomination—is for going back to the deal, which enriched the Iranian government, the most dangerous government on Earth, with billions of dollars—and ultimately gave them permission to make a nuclear weapon in any event.”

This is just one example of what will be undone if a Democrat becomes president. In addition to the Iran Deal, Prager says we can expect there to be zero movement regarding immigration.

“The illegal immigration numbers have reached a tipping point where you no longer have the same values your country had,” he says. “The issue is not race. … Nearly every immigrant from Latin America brings big-government values. There is no other country in the world that’s founded on the basis of limited government. So these people are bringing in values that are not American. That doesn’t mean they’re bad. They’re often wonderful human beings. Mature people and nice people can wreck civilization.”

Because of this, it’s important that conservative Christians—and conservative Americans in general—are energized about this election. Even though Prager is a Jew, he often defends Christians and the values we hold dear in the public arena.

“My belief—and I tell this to Jewish audiences, I tell it to secular audiences—[is] if Christianity fails in America, it’s over for America,” he says. “It’s as simple as that. It’s so obvious that I don’t believe an atheist, an honest atheist, could debate the issue. So I don’t understand when Christians don’t vote, and it’s puzzling to me.

“God doesn’t want you to promote good on this planet? It’s so foreign to my understanding of what God wants us to do. It’s almost like saying, ‘Why should I build a hospital? We’re all going to die and go to paradise if we believe properly anyway.’ What is the difference between building a hospital and voting?”

Prager believes the conservative right is energized, but he’s still disheartened to hear that many Christians stay home on Election Day. That’s scary to think about when you realize how energized the left is.

But no matter how energized the left is, it doesn’t make their position correct. Prager says he doesn’t necessarily want to meet Trump in person (as he prefers to remain objective in his critical analyses of public figures), but he would love to write speeches for him. Prager enjoys exposing the fallacies behind leftist ideals and arguments—and he’s good at it.

“The left is intellectually vapid,” he says. “And I know how to make that clear to people. … And I want to make something clear: I always make a distinction between the left and liberals. Liberals were always pro-Israel. The left was always anti-Israel. Liberals are always pro-integration, racial integration. The left is for black dormitories and black graduations. Those are anti-liberal positions. All of leftism, except for big government, is anti-liberal. The problem is that liberals don’t know it.”

I’ve never known an Orthodox Jew more friendly to evangelicals than Prager. He understands who we are and what’s important to us. And why is that? Because he believes in the Bible, and he believes in God. He understands that biblical values are what made this country great—and it would be a travesty if Americans fully lost sight of that.

I hope you listen to my full interview with Prager. I think you’ll find his insights compelling and even inspiring. Click here to listen to that episode. And if you like what you hear, share the podcast and this article with your friends—and encourage them to vote in 2020! {eoa}

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