Cultural Commentator Trevor Loudon Warns, ‘We’re in the Midst of a Communist Takeover’

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Steve Strang

Back in October 2020, Donald Trump Jr. said in an interview on Hannity that the 2021 election was “about freedom versus tyranny, capitalism versus socialism and communism.” Predictably, he was met with mocking and disbelief.

But New Zealander Trevor Loudon says Trump Jr.’s words were accurate. They’re playing out in the Biden administration at such a rate, in fact, that he says we’re in the middle of a communist revolution.

“What we see in the Biden Cabinet, as he is stacking his Cabinet and positions in the defense establishment, that disarmament community—everywhere you look, with Marxist pro-Chinese Maoists, people who have worked in Chinese organizations, Chinese media groups, Chinese academic organizations, people who have basically worked to bring down America for a very long time,” Loudon says. “The Biden administration is full of these people.” He names Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, whose father was “one of the top Marxist academics in the world” and Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh as among those with clear communist ties.

“Everywhere you look, they’re centralizing power at a dramatic rate, just like any communist revolution would do,” Loudon says, adding that “the communist movement never died. They had a major setback with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the ’90s. But, you know, China has picked up that that slack and more, and China has a lot more money than the Soviet Union ever had.”

Loudon points out that when left-wing Senator Frank Church from Idaho held the select Senate Church Committee back in the ’70s, “he gutted the FBI. He gutted the CIA. And so since that time, the FBI has basically left the Left alone. They don’t monitor the communist movement; they don’t even know that Black Lives Matter is a communist movement ; they don’t know it is directed to a large degree out of the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco—they have ignored all of this.”

Loudon says that since then, the communist movement has done nothing but gather strength in the U.S., so much so that it now controls not only the Democratic Party but many other governmental and societal entities as well. “But most Americans have no idea of this because the media is so much on the side of the Left,” he says. “And the FBI is so negligent that we hear nothing about it. So we’re swimming in communism.”

Loudon does, however, believe there are positive steps concerned Americans can take to turn the tide. He details them in this episode of the Strang Report podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network as well as in this article on the Epoch Times.

I interviewed Loudon for my new book God and Cancel Culture , which will release Sept. 7. My interview was actually for the book, and I used it as a podcast. I felt this was so important I should write something for charismanews.com long before the book is released. Although this is about “politics”and Loudon has very strong opinionsI believe Christians must be aware of what’s really going on, even though it may make us uncomfortable. Some of my readers may recall that in my last book God, Trump and the 2020 Election, it was Loudon who provided me information on how the Chinese government was working to compromise our elections and what might happen if the Democrats won.

Sadly, what he said has proved to be right. We ignore what he says now at our peril.

Listen to the entire podcast to learn what you can do to fight the rising swell of communistic influence in the U.S., and subscribe to the Strang Report on Apple podcasts or your favorite podcast platform.

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