Cancel Culture Is a Spiritual Test; Will You Pass or Fail?

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Steve Strang

Almost everyone has heard of cancel culture, which—whether we know it or not—affects each of us in multiple ways.

Yes, in case you’re not aware, Big Tech is watching you. These giants filter your internet feeds and bar or shadow ban individuals from platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube because of their religious or political views. And it’s not just Big Tech. The culture behind the power brokers has shifted in such a way that traditional Judeo-Christian values are now mocked at best and vilified or censored at worst.

Author, historian and journalist Joel Kilpatrick sees this “cute little term,” cancel culture, for what it is: a spiritual test.

“Cancel culture is a test of your susceptibility to mammon,” Kilpatrick says. “Jesus said, ‘You cannot serve both God and mammon,’ typically translated as ‘money,’ right? Well, there’s a spirit behind this fear of losing your job, of losing your reputation. So when the Lord turns up the heat and allows you to be persecuted or brings your pocketbook to take a hit because you want to stand for truth, He’s putting you through a test.

“He’s saying, ‘Let Me see how much you’re willing to stand with Me,” Kilpatrick says. “Let Me see how much you love Me. What are you willing to put up with?

“And what we’re seeing now is a lot of Christians are more motivated by mammon in the form of paychecks, retirement benefits, job benefits, security, keeping their house, keeping their kids in the school they want to go to, or the university,” Kilpatrick says. “Christians are wedded to mammon in so many different ways that all that the enemy has to do is put a little pressure on you, and you’ll come to heel, like a dog on a leash.”

Kilpatrick says believers’ allegiance to mammon lies behind much of the cowardice we see today. “In my view, if you haven’t given up money, if you haven’t had money or opportunity taken from you for your stand for Christ, then you’ve actually been failing some tests,” he says.

He adds that when the threat of cancelation comes against pastors or other believers and they back away from freedom and biblical principles, their responses reveal the truth: “They have more allegiance to mammon than they do to God.”

To hear more of Joel Kilpatrick’s thoughts on cancel culture and how believers can respond in faith, not fear, listen to the entire episode of the Strang Report podcast at this link. And be sure to subscribe to the Strang Report on Apple Podcasts or on your favorite podcast platform. {eoa}

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