Prophetic Word: Why the Principalities Over the Earth Haven’t Been Destroyed Yet

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Kathy DeGraw

I was seeking the Lord the other day and asking Him to reveal what was happening in the spiritual realm. Spiritual warfare has been highly accelerated since the beginning of the year.

I see chaos and movement in the spiritual realm—activation of the demonic realm throwing down assignments and sending confusion and destruction among the earth. I am sensing prophetic cautions being released of what is happening.

I have felt the weight of the warfare over the earth as the Lord continues to show me how to target our prayers and war prophetically against the demonic realm. I say “war prophetically” because the Holy Spirit must always lead our prayer time. He knows exactly how to target our prayers.

At the beginning of this year, the Lord told me this would be the year where the rubber meets the road and where you would have to choose to cross the dividing line. You have serious decisions to make in where you are going to be spiritually and how you are going to press through to your breakthrough.

The Lord was calling us in the first quarter of this year to make decisions. Where was our faith going to be, and where were we going to take a strong stand in what we believe.

In the last two months, the Lord has been showing me the spirit of fear operating over the earth. He was revealing that instead of merely praying to destroy COVID and dissipate this pandemic, we must destroy the principality of fear over the world.

However, to destroy the principality of fear through declarative prayer, we need to root it out of our own lives. When we are all in fear, we feed the principality ruling over the earth. He told me years ago that I needed to root fear out of my life because something was going to happen in the world and there would be chaos out in the streets. “And when that happens, I need you to be in faith and not fear,” God said.

We are fighting a spirit of fear over the earth. However, I want to reveal to you what else the Lord was showing me we are fighting. The principalities and rulers we are fighting are intertwined and interrelated with the same goal and mission of destruction.

Fear is rampant on the earth—specifically the fear of sickness, disease and death. Fear is also plaguing our minds with fear of financial loss, fear of provision and fear of financial uncertainty and instability. Anger is co-laboring with fear.

Anger at what is happening on the earth. The anger of job loss and uncertainty. People are angry at the government and governor’s decisions, angry at the new rules in stores and social distancing, and angry they can’t get standard hospital and doctor services. Anger is also running rampant upon the earth, and it is a distraction.

The revelation the Lord brought forth is people are in fear, anger and are being distracted, and we aren’t praying effectively. We aren’t looking at the unseen forces behind this warfare. We are attacking what we do see but not what we don’t see. Warfare is invisible, and we can only fight the battle with the Holy Spirit on our side who can see the warfare we are facing. The Lord identified that so far, we are battling fear, anger and financial insufficiency.

How does this relate to what we are experiencing today? First of all, we are still facing the same things I have listed because we are still fighting the coronavirus. But now, we are additionally fighting social injustices, racism, riots and law enforcement using excessive force.

So how does this relate to the spiritual realm? I asked the Lord the other night, and He said, “Kathy, the principalities of fear, anger and death haven’t been destroyed and bound and restricted yet because people aren’t praying effectively.” We are praying at what is visible, but not at what is unseen.

Currently, we have protests, riots, destruction, racism and police brutality. This is directly related to the principalities in operation over the earth. Anger, fear and death are still involved in what is happening in regard to racism. Our African American brothers and sisters in Christ are afraid; they are scared; they are concerned for their lives as they suffer these injustices. These situations target fear, anger and death in the spiritual atmosphere, the same demonic oppressive demons that were operating with the coronavirus. (See my new book, Unshackled-Breaking the Strongholds of Your Past to Receive Complete Deliverance, if you need help being healed and delivered of fear and anger.)

The principalities over the earth haven’t been destroyed because we aren’t targeting our prayers toward them. It is a familiar spirit repeating the same negative things happening over and over again. (I discuss familiar spirits extensively in my podcast, Prophetic Spiritual Warfare. Racial injustices have gone on for years, and now the familiar spirits are bringing them forth again and are co-laboring with the current evil forces of fear, anger and death. Looking at the spirit of death, when a demonic spirit puts an assignment out on your life or releases sickness and disease, it is considered a spirit of murder and in the spiritual realm, it is no different than police brutality causing death. There is a spiritual correlation of things happening in the natural and spiritual.

We have been consumed with COVID attacking and praying against sickness and disease. We must look at all the hierarchy of demons in operation and all the principalities that are active. A spiritual shift has just taken place in the spiritual atmosphere. The same principalities are in operation: fear, anger and death. The enemy just changed his tactic, and not only changed but increased. (In the spiritual realm, the enemy often changes what he deploys in seasons and monthly increments.) Those same principalities are operating through a familiar spirit targeting racism and police brutality, not only to make people angry and fearful but to attack our economy and finances.

Businesses were starting to open, and people were beginning to be able to go back to work. Companies were already struggling, and people lacked income. Now just as people and businesses were going to get back on their feet, the rioting and protesting have caused financial uncertainty and lack once again as businesses close to repair and replace, and now workers cannot get back to work. An economy that was already struggling financially and was beginning to open now gets attacked with financial problems. Again, the Lord showed me this is a familiar spirit in operation, creating the same economic downturn to take place.

He was also revealing this is putting more strain on our first responders, already strained during the coronavirus pandemic. And now they are under pressure as they have to be activated again to protect our communities and businesses from rioting and looting. This again is a familiar spirit in operation and an attack in the spiritual realm.

The Lord showed me all these attacks and the principalities being intertwined, but using different tactics is a direct attack against revival. It is a distraction from the plans and purposes of God. A direct insult to the revival He wants to release upon the land.

Our words and prayers are prophetically assigned and targeted to hit a spiritual realm with pinpoint accuracy. The challenge is we need to know how to speak out, declare and how to target the principalities operating over the earth! We are in a war, and currently the war we are fighting is against, death, murder, poverty, financial instability, sickness, disease, fear and anger. Pray to bind and restrict and annihilate these forces over the earth.

If you are in fear, I encourage you to register for my free e-course on How to Conquer Fear at charismacourses.com/courses/fear. During this entire situation, the Lord had me write and release a video e-Course with teaching notes and self-evaluation questions to break down individual fear and to assist in annihilating the strongman fear over the earth that is being fueled by individual fear.

Kathy DeGraw is a prophetic deliverance minister releasing the love and power of God, to ignite and activate people, release prophetic destinies and deliver people from the bondage of the enemy. She is the founder of Kathy DeGraw Ministries and K Advancement LLC. Kathy hosts a weekly podcast show called Prophetic Spiritual Warfare on the Charisma Podcast Network. She additionally has several online empowerment courses at charismacourses.com. She is the author of several books, including: Speak Out, Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan, Unshackled and Warfare Declarations. You can connect with Kathy on Facebook or visit kathydegrawministries.org.

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