How the Holy Spirit is Crucial in End Times

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Kathy DeGraw

What is the Holy Spirit’s role in the crucial end times in which we live? How do we rely on Him for truth when we don’t know the facts of what is happening? I was troubled recently as people were predicting adverse world events. Prophets, media and Christians were releasing what appeared to be warnings. I heard people going to the store and stocking up on groceries. I heard the fear and concern in people’s voices as I talked to them. I even had someone close to me ask what my prophetic insight was. These predictions had a time stamp on them, and it passed and nothing happened.

Coincidentally, before I heard from people and media about these predictions, the Lord had been speaking to me days prior about the end times and the times in which we live. He said, “live.” Don’t allow the predictions, even if prophetic, to distract you or prevent you from doing something. Often when we hear something, it causes us to act and react in fear. It can cause us not to move at all. We also can try and control the situation by preparing and doing what we feel in the natural is important. I am not saying we shouldn’t prepare. After all, we are in the end times. We need to seek the Spirit of the Lord for wisdom and direction in preparation. However, ultimately we need to go to the Spirit and not act and react based on what people say and do.

The Spirit gave me revelation and referred to what is happening today as what happened when Pearl Harbor was bombed. People were living and going about the day doing natural things and weren’t concerned that something could happen at any moment. It wasn’t preventing movement or advancement. They lived. I believe some of us have been emotionally and spiritually dying instead of living over the past few years with the pandemic and what the media and even Christian leaders say. It seems as if we go through seasons and cycles where predictions get us preoccupied with worrisome and stressful thoughts taking us into an unproductive cycle in our thinking patterns.

The Spirit of the Lord continued to speak to me and said, “to keep our eyes focused on being the light and Him.” Don’t look to the left or right. Stay on the path set before you. Serve God serve people, love God, love people. Keep moving up and forward. Worry and defeat will lead to stagnancy and when we become stagnant, we become spiritually and emotionally stuck or what I call paralyzed. Fear paralyzes and makes you unable to move and function. Fear prevents you from living. In this recent prediction that didn’t manifest, my friend was concerned if she should go away for the weekend. She was seeking my prophetic insight. When she said, “Should I stay home,” I instantly in the Spirit heard, “No.” I heard no, not because I was to provide her an answer. I heard no because I have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. It is how I maneuver the end times and my life. The Spirit must lead us at all times. He will be our guide. He will give us direction and I believe He will even warn us.

Years ago, the Spirit of the Lord said, “Kathy, you need to root out all fear, so you are in faith when everyone else is in fear.” He also said, “Someday you will be ready to get on a plane and I will tell you to stop, don’t get on, and you will need to trust me in that instant.” The Holy Spirit is a forerunner and already giving me instructions on how to manage life, handle situations and receive my deliverance to benefit others. I don’t have to be in fear. You don’t have to be in fear. I trust God. I trust Him as in Psalm 91, to deliver me from the hand of the fowler, pestilence and disaster.

Trust comes from spending time with the Holy Spirit and getting to know Him, so when you get a word, you know it is His voice. The Spirit revealed to me years ago that I need to know His quiet voice to learn to recognize it in busyness and chaos. I did spend that time, and I spent two years of my life prostrate on the floor, getting to know the Holy Ghost. The Spirit of God is never wrong. If we listen to Him, he will guide and lead us, give us direction and instruction and ultimately protection.

What is ruling your heart and thoughts? Is it faith or fear? Is it human emotions, or are you being led by the Spirit? Spend time getting to know the Holy Spirit. A great tool is Charisma Media’s Life in the Spirit booklets. They are filled with articles, devotions and prayers to help you learn more about the Holy Spirit so you can continually communicate with Him. He is my best friend and I hope he’ll be yours too!

Kathy DeGraw is a prophetic deliverance minister. She is the founder of Kathy DeGraw Ministries and K Advancement LLC. Kathy hosts a podcast show called Prophetic Spiritual Warfare. She is the author of several books; Prophetic Spiritual Warfare, Speak Out, Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan, and Unshackled. Kathy’s training platform is available at Kathy has echurch based on her podcast, which produced her most recent book every Sunday at 7pm EST the web link can be obtained here. You can connect with Kathy on Facebook at or visit

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