Morning Rundown: 4 Biblical Roles of Dreams

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4 Biblical Roles of Dreams

Do dreams serve a divine purpose?

In a recent video, Vlad and Lana Savchuk gave key hallmarks of what dreams mean from a biblical standpoint. Here are the four biblical roles of dreams.

Not all dreams speak the truth about God.

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Fox News Slammed Again for Pushing Occult

It seems for every news piece Fox News does on Christianity to appease their viewers, they then turn and bring practitioners of divination, sorcery and the occult onto their telecasts.

Back in January, primetime host Jesse Watters suffered major blowback for bringing a medium onto his show to tell his future along with those of presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Fox seems to have cared little for the criticism they received last time and now have invited another astrologer onto the show, Fox and Friends.

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OJ Simpson Dies of Cancer at 76

After a long and drawn out battle with prostate cancer, the infamous O.J. Simpson passed away at the age of 76.

As reported by TMZ, “The former NFL great—who stood trial for the double-murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, in the ’90s, only to be acquitted—passed away Wednesday in Las Vegas … according to his family.”

After a prolific career in the NFL and collecting a Heisman in 1968 during his years at USC, the football star found himself in the courtroom for one of the most shocking and divisive court cases in American history which helped shape the 1990s and was labeled “The Trial of the Century.”

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