Fox News Slammed Again for Pushing Occult

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James Lasher

It seems for every news piece Fox News does on Christianity to appease their viewers, they then turn and bring practitioners of divination, sorcery and the occult onto their telecasts.

Back in January, primetime host Jesse Watters suffered major blowback for bringing a medium onto his show to tell his future along with those of presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Fox seems to have cared little for the criticism they received last time and now have invited another astrologer onto the show, Fox and Friends.

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The show hosts, Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Ainsley Earhardt and Lawrence Jones, invited astrologer Susan Miller, who also claims to be Roman Catholic, to read their horoscopes and interpret the meaning behind the recent eclipse and how it affected their moods.

“It’s not just your mood,” Miller explains. “It’s everything if it touches a planet in your chart, and on—which is my website—I delineate how specifically a solar eclipse is actually a new moon. I know it sounds [like] it should be a full moon, but it’s not. It’s the new moon, always. And it will affect you for six months or more.”

Recognizing the spiritual influence behind these types of practices, former psychic-turned-Christian Jenn Nizza posted on TikTok the dangers of divination and witchcraft that Fox and Friends was promoting:

I am honestly saddened to see a news channel capitalizing, promoting and believing in divination. Saying you are catholic and a medium or astrologer is a great way to deceive the masses. The diviner is deceived and thinks they are helping but it is not help! Leading people away from God, encouraging people to go to His creation is a horrible sin and leads to no good thing! Please know ALL diviners are receiving their info from demons and demons just want you to get sucked in so that you will share their fate.

In the spiritually charged landscape of the today’s world, and as darkness is trying to reach every corner of the earth, Christians must be empowered by the Holy Spirit to discern the subtle workings of demonic forces.

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With spiritual warfare intensifying and deceptive influences growing stronger, discernment is crucial in recognizing and avoiding ceremonies and rituals that dabble in divination, sorcery or the occult, as engaging in such practices not only opens one up to spiritual attack but also undermines the authority and protection provided by God.

By staying rooted in prayer, studying the Word of God and cultivating a deep, personal relationship with the Jesus Christ, we can guard ourselves against spiritual deception and manipulation and be a light to an ever-darkening world.{eoa}

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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