John Ramirez Exposes the Dangers of Halloween, Trunk or Treat

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Abby Trivett

In one of his latest videos, evangelist John Ramirez is exposing the dangers of allowing Halloween celebrations to creep into the church, especially in the form of trunk or treat.

“Shame on these pastors that believe they can celebrate something without no consequences,” Ramirez says.

Ramirez points out that there is no such thing as a “safe place” for kids to celebrate Halloween because there is never a time to even remotely entertain the idea of dealing with the satanic realms. He says even the very candy that is consumed on Halloween has been prayed over by those ranking in the satanic realms.

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“You know the candies you purchase at the supermarket … those candies were prayed for by demonic, devil-worshipping devils, despicable people that don’t wanting nothing to do with your kids,” he says. “They hate your kids, they hate God, they hate the image of God, they hate the church, they hate Christians, and they pray for your candies.”

For Ramirez, allowing this kind of demonic activity into the church—even dressed up as trunk or treat with Bible character costumes—is really just throwing a cloak over satanic activity. For those who allow this kind of behavior in the church, Ramirez gives a stark warning about the value of their leadership.

“You’re cursing your church; you’re a fake pastor; you’re a fake leader,” he says. “The stuff that you preach are empty words, no edification, no growth, no edifying the body of Christ, no glorifying God; you’re nothing but a phony when you celebrate this thing, and then you think the rest of the year it’s going to be fine.”

He warns that dressing up and going about the business of Halloween is the same as selling your identity to the devil, and that this allows for all kinds of doors of the enemy to creep in and affect your life—including your children’s lives. He says it’s a distraction from the truth of what the church is called to do: Share the gospel and make disciples.

“The harvest is about souls because I didn’t hear no harvest about candy and dressing up in the Bible,” Ramirez says. “We should have prayer in the house of God. We should have repentance in the house of God. We should have salvation in the house of God. We should have baptism in the house of God. Not your dirty, filthy laundry in the house of God.”

Ramirez warns that those who truly hear the voice of the Lord should know the difference between doing something that glorifies Satan and that which glorifies God.

“You have no Holy Spirit, pastors, and you don’t have no calling; you’re nothing but a goat—that’s why you celebrate Halloween,” Ramirez says.

Ramirez also warns against the pumpkin lanterns that many people carve and place in and outside of their homes because pumpkin tends to be used by those in Santeria.

“Pumpkin belongs to a demon principality in Santeria,” Ramirez says. “The mother of the rivers, she operates with pumpkin, honey and money and gold. And she is a transfiguration of Jezebel in the Bible.”

And for those who believe that repentance can come later after they’ve participated in the Halloween festivities, Ramirez says this is a key that someone is nothing more than a lukewarm believer. He also warns that just like David, there is nothing we can hide from the Lord that He will not find out about and then respond to us accordingly.

“David thought that … he could commit adultery and thought that he could hide it,” he says. “David thought that somehow, he could set it up in a way that you know he can get away with it.”

So before you go out to a church trunk or treat, reconsider what kinds of spiritual doors you may be opening up for yourself and your family.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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