David Diga Hernandez Word: The Anointing is Protecting You

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Abby Trivett

God does not look at the outward appearance, but at the inward heart.

This biblical truth is one most of us remember from reading King David’s story. God hid David and developed him through years of challenges and obstacles, all the while protecting him for his calling.  

What if God is using this same anointing to hide and protect those he wants to use today?

“There are seasons where the Holy Spirit will seem to hide you. There are seasons where you’ll feel like you’re overlooked. There are seasons where you’re going to feel like you’re wasting your time,” Hernandez says.

Hernandez relates this specifically to the times when we feel a God-given dream and talent has not happened yet, but a believer knows they are supposed to be walking something out. You may even start to believe the lies of the enemy that something will never happen.

“The enemy might be lying to you. He might be saying to you, ‘If it were going to happen it would have happened by now,’” Hernandez says.

However, God’s sovereignty and will are much greater than any of our own human efforts.

“Ultimately, it’s God who raises, and so you don’t have to be afraid,” Hernandez says. “If God wants to raise you, no one can keep you down. If God wants to keep you down, no one can raise you. If God wants the door open, no one has the strength to shut it. If God wants a door shut, no one has the persistence to open it.”

Hernandez says that even in his own time of ministry growth pains he discovered it was the hiding place where he was built up into the person God desired him to become.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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