‘Holy Spirit’ Church’s Blasphemous Taylor Swift Service

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Taylor Swift’s music has found its home at The Church of the Holy Spirit.

As the Christian Post reported, the historic church in Heidelberg, Germany, decided to have a worship service centered around the pop star’s music.

Pastor Christof Ellsiepen told Deutsche Welle: “The Church of the Holy Spirit has always been a place of encounter and exchange. That’s why a pop-music religious service fits so perfectly.”

Ellsiepen believes the event allowed for younger people to come out and ask questions and focus on issues concerning them.

“Theologically speaking, she points to the justness of God,” Pastor Vincenzo Petracca said. “For her, faith and action are inseparable.”

As the Christian Post also noted and can be seen in a photo by Deutsche Welle, the church included a rainbow sign which read, “Welcome all sizes, all colours, all cultures, all sexes, all beliefs, all religions, all ages, all types, all people.”

The church decided to focus on Swift’s music because of its themes on gender equality, racism and women’s rights.

According to the Independent, this experimental church service went so well with getting people in the doors that the church is planning to have both a Billie Eilish and Beyoncé service as well.

Songs like “Guilty as Sin” describe her being crucified in a manner like Jesus and “The Prophecy” likens Swift to Eve after the fall. These are just a couple of the many songs featured on her new, wildly explicit album.

This is a moment for Christians to be spiritually discerning not only about what kind of music they are listening to, but clearly about what kind of church to attend. How can a church proclaim to be of the Holy Spirit if it glorifies someone else? The whole point of worship isn’t for us to idolize our own situations or musicians, but rather to give adoration to the One who gave it all for us on the cross.

We are called to be in but not of the world. Using pop culture may get someone in the doors of the church, but it won’t give them the solace and the hope that their soul truly longs for. Only by sharing the true message of freedom found in the gospel can lives be changed.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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