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Evangelist John Ramirez Exposing Satanism Infecting America

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James Lasher

Spiritual warfare is raging across America, yet few are talking about it or the ramifications that come with it.

The Bible warns Christians of the enemy’s plans, but the deception of the devil has relegated many to the sidelines instead of the frontlines where they are needed.

Satanism, the occult, witchcraft… these abominations against the Lord have been plaguing the world from the beginning and their grip is tightening over people across America.

When the rulers of darkness look to lay claim on the land, however, there are some who are stepping up and saying no to them in Jesus’ name.

Former Satanist-turned-evangelist John Ramirez has been working for years alongside organizations like Intercessors for America to shine the light of truth on the spiritual darkness infecting the heart of America.

Prayer warriors are needed today, as the Satanic Church is gearing up for their SatanCon event, which they are marketing as “largest satanic gathering in history” in Boston, Massachusetts. Right here, in the country founded on Judeo-Christian values and honored the Creator in its founding.

Few have the background knowledge of Satanism and the occult that Ramirez brings. Growing up in Santeria, Ramirez frequented the dark side of the spiritual realm and knows the true enemy deceiving humanity today.

“These people are a bunch of jokes because this is how they trap people,” Ramirez told Fox News regarding the Satanic Temple. “I lived in the satanic kingdom for 25 years. I lived in the shadows of the demonic for 25 years. I would talk to Satan all day long, all night long.”

Ramirez uses his knowledge of demonic activity and Satanism to expose the deception that groups like the Satanic Temple try and spread.

“So, these people tell you they’re a temple, they’re a religion, but they don’t serve Satan, which is all hogwash,” he said. “On the front door, they say, ‘We call ourselves Satanists, but we don’t serve Satan.’ But then that’s like a Christian saying, ‘I’m a Christian, but I don’t serve Jesus.’ How can you be a Christian not serving Jesus? Either you have one master, or you have the other.”

Satan has worked for centuries to deceive humanity into believing he is not a threat, that he is not real. In modern-day society, he is excelling at this narrative and so are his acolytes.

This is an intentional strategy used to open the spiritual floodgates and allow demonic influence to steer people away from God.

Building Satanic temples is part of the ploy “so demons and spirits can work in the atmosphere of those regions to really bring destruction to the people,” Ramirez explains.

There are others joining Ramirez in the spiritual battle taking place in America as well. The Christian group Intercessors for America has engaged thousands of believers to pray, fast and act against this corruption of the soul taking place across the country.

CEO of Intercessors for America David Kubal believes that people are seeing this activity but may not always know the spiritual significance of rituals the Satanic Temple uses, such as abortion.

“I think for the average American, that just kind of makes their skin crawl to think that somebody would abort a baby for religious ritual purposes,” Kubal said.

Kubal and others are praying that the deceptive tactics used by the followers of the devil will be exposed and are speaking out to achieve that very goal.

“So, whether or not people believe in satanic power, the people that are a part of this absolutely do, and they attend this conference in an attempt to learn how to manipulate people using the supernatural,” explained Kubal. “They cloak their activities using palatable words emphasizing science, using words like benevolence or justice.”

In a response to Fox News, the Satanic Temple continued their campaign of spiritual disinformation.

“We support people’s First Amendment right to engage in prayer and fasting as means of protest,” a spokesperson for the Satanic Temple said. “It is hard to respond to accusations of ‘tapping into demonic power’ in the same way that it is hard to respond to accusations of having ‘cooties’ without implicitly validating the mindset of a 3-year-old.”

Whether out of ignorance or deception, comparing the occult and Satanic worship to the cooties is exactly what Satan wants, and what he has been succeeding at all these centuries.

As the late Paul Harvey once said, “If I were the devil, I’d just keep right on doing what he’s doing.” {eoa}

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.





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