If the Holy Spirit Isn’t Near It, This Bold Pastor Isn’t Saying It

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Shawn Akers

Pastor John Amanchukwu knows his limits. He knows he’s not as bold and courageous to stand up to people in a public forum as he would like to be.

But when the Holy Spirit gets hold of him, Amanchukwu says “look out.” When the Holy Spirit takes the lead for him, Amanchukwu says he will testify and be a witness to the truth of God and His Word, no matter what the subject.

It’s what leads him to speak in front of school boards about pornographic books in school libraries, and it’s what leads him to be a fearless defender of biblical justice on issues like abortion and the lie of critical race theory.

“Well, it’s always the anointing of God, it’s not me,” Amanchukwu told Charisma News’ John Matarazzo in a recent interview. “It’s not me. I’m man and I’m fallible, born in sin and sharpened in iniquity. Christ has forgiven me for my sins and covered me with His blood. But at the end the day, I’m human.

“So, I depend upon the third part of the Trinity, and that’s the Holy Spirit that dwells within me and gives me the proper words to say in the proper timing. I believe that when you have the Holy Spirit, number one, it will testify of Christ beyond just speaking in tongues. You will testify and be a witness to the truth. And that’s what I did at that moment (at the school board meeting in Asheville, North Carolina, recently).

And Amanchukw, a contributor for TPUSAFAITH, says he lives by Mark 13:11, which reads, “But when they arrest you and hand you over, take no thought before, or premeditate what you should speak. But speak whatever is given you in that time, for it is not you who speaks, but the Holy Spirit.”

Many people speak their minds about many subjects, including well-intentioned believers. But their words fall short of effectiveness because the Holy Spirit is nowhere near the conversation.

That’s why when he spoke in front of the Asheville School board, and when he speaks in other public forums, he remains still and waits for the Holy Spirit to prompt him about what should come out of his mouth.

“I had some thoughts in mind about what related to the conversation, but I would have never known in a million yeas that I would be cut off and told to stop reading,” Amanchukwu says. “And all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit just took control. You can see it in the video.”

Amanchuku is crusading for children across the country, speaking out about abortion and the “woke” ideologies that are being forced upon kids in our public schools.

And, he says, the Bible is pretty clear about what will happen to those who “harm children” in any way.

“Luke 17:2 says that it’s better for a man to be thrown in the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for us to do harm or damage to a child,” Amanchukwu says. “There are so many people in this country who are harming children. They are perverting children and corrupting the minds of children. If you consider the abortion industry, they want to eliminate children.

“When you consider the public school system, even some of your private Christian schools, they’ve gone woke. They want to indoctrinate children. There are so many attacks that have been launched and hurled upon children. So, it’s going to take men and women full of the Spirit … consider the power that indwelled Peter on the day of Pentecost. … He began to preach in a manner that they had never heard before. We finally see Peter, the ‘rock man,’ transformed into that strong anchor that Christ knew he would be before He told him that Satan would come and sift him as wheat.

“And so, today, we need boldness. In particular, in the church, we need the pastors to stand up. Many of our pastors have become weak and frail. They have lost their voice and lost their backbone and won’t speak up. Many pastors have blood on their hands because they have failed to be true watchmen. Watchmen are called not simply to watch, but to warn. I got fed up of just hearing about what’s going on in this country. So, I went down to Asheville and I not only showed them what was in the book, but I made a strong stand against it.”

And he did so, of course, with the covering of the Holy Spirit. That, he says, is what believers must do against the evil and tyranny happening in America right now. {eoa}

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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