Experience the Holy Spirit-Led Promises of God

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David C. Friend

The promises of God are for those who seek Him. God Almighty promises His followers, that He will bless them. The creator of the universe promises to give us peace that surpasses all understanding.

Through our relationship with the Holy Spirit, we can live with hope to receive what God has promised to provide to us. When fear attempts to rob us of God’s promises, His word shows us that there is no fear in His love but His perfect love casts out fear.

When our circumstances try to bring doubt or anxiety into our life, God promises to give us His peace. Not the kind of temporal peace the world has, but peace that is beyond our own understanding. That peace will guard our heart and mind through Christ Jesus.

In my years of pastoring, teaching and counseling I have prayed for thousands of Christians who faced great challenges. Those who sought God’s promises learned how to deal with anything life presented.

They were able to live above their circumstances. They learned they could do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthened them. They were not supernatural Christians, but they served and believed in the promises of their supernatural God. My prayer is that all of us will discover how God’s promises hold the answers to our needs.

The devil wants us to doubt God’s promises by trying to kill, steal and destroy our belief in those promises. We must never forget that Jesus Christ told us that the promises of God brings us a life filled with abundance. We will face challenges, but God has promised us He will deliver us from our trials. Everyone has questioned whether God’s promises will come into their life. May I suggest that through faith we must stop questioning the promises of God and just receive them based on His Word.

When the trials of life surface, God promises us He will be a very present help in times of trouble. If the doctor brings us a report of an incurable disease, our God promises us He will never leave us or forsake us.

The Holy Spirit draws us to become followers of Jesus Christ. He also draws us to receive the promises of God. Christians who have lost a job or their home and have prodigal children may feel they have lost everything.

But, knowing Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior is everything. When we become a follower of Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit opens up the windows of heaven and reveals through God’s word all of His promises for us.

My desire is that we all experience the Holy Spirit led promises of God.

God promised grace and his Word has thousands of promises for life and eternity with Jesus Christ.

David Friend is an author of several books on Christian living, including “A Quality Life.” He is a teacher, pastor, business owner, podcaster and veteran.

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