Morning Rundown: Joseph Z: Super Tuesday and the Prophetic Facebook Outage

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Joseph Z: Super Tuesday and the Prophetic Facebook Outage

The Meta outage that occurred for both Facebook and Instagram impacted people worldwide, and it suspiciously happened on Super Tuesday of all days. While there’s no direct evidence that this outage was caused to disrupt anything people may see about elections, the Spirit of the Lord has been downloading some prophetic insights into Joseph Z about what this occurrence means for our future.

“When there’s big news you’ve got to watch the small news,” Z says. “You’re going to keep seeing disruptions until they get their way, but they’re not going to get their way because I have a sense that even with what’s going on in this narrative is that we’re going to see the former have a really good opportunity to come right back in, and I think the Lord is doing everything He can…”

Z points out that this mysterious outage is just a test for something more to come. As we recently saw the AT&T phone network outages as well, this is a warning worth heeding from Z.

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Is God Sending America a Prophetic Warning in April?

There is an incredible celestial event taking place on April 8, 2024—The Great America Eclipse.

Millions are anticipating this rare celestial event and the amazing natural phenomena that will take place as the a total eclipse ensues.

Meanwhile, faith leaders such as Bishop Alan DiDio of Encounter Today and Pastor Troy Brewer sat down at the National Religious Broadcasters convention this past February to discuss the spiritual implications behind it.

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This Is How I’ve Stayed Married for 40 Years

Next month my wife and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. My parents were married for 67 years, so four decades doesn’t seem like much of a milestone to me. But I’m aware that in today’s culture—when couples consider divorce the easy escape from any conflict—we are blessed to still be together after tying the knot on April 28, 1984.

People often ask me what’s the secret to our longevity. A group of men asked me that question a few weeks ago when I was in Uganda—a country where men are often harshly dominant, domestic violence is rampant and men are known to value their cows more than their wives. I gave them a teaching outlining the radical ways Christianity changed the way we should view marriage.

I explained that male domination often leads to abuse in marriage, even in Christian homes, and that such cruelty is rooted in the original fall of man in the Garden of Eden. I also gave some examples from other parts of Africa that remind us of this abuse.

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