Derail Trump, Decriminalize Dope: Biden’s Desperate Ploys

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Larry Tomczak

A desperate and unprincipled President Joe Biden (whose own son nearly destroyed his life with his marijuana and cocaine addiction ) recently appeared on the often-degenerate Howard Stern radio show, attempting to salvage his sinking political campaign. Trying to appear cool and attract younger voters after his unconstitutional student loan forgiveness failure, the “Doctor of Deception” is now attempting to declassify marijuana. What’s next, free weight-loss gummies for all?

Franklin Graham, who could have ruined his life through marijuana and his years as a self-described “hellraiser” who got thrown out of high school and college, now warns us about deceptive and dangerous drugs, saying, “Drug addiction has become virtually an epidemic in cities and towns, rural and urban, across America.”  

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Aggressive advocates of marijuana legalization have the goal of making marijuana mainstream. They tell us smoking weed is “safe, harmless and fun.”

Hollywood liberals are almost obsessed with marijuana madness as pot-centric shows propagandize children and youth. Cannabis comedies come our way at breakneck speed. Now the Drug Enforcement Administration proposes its biggest policy changes in 50 years: moving marijuana from Schedule 1 to Schedule 3 to delete the stigma and rake in more revenue.

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Today the THC (the chemical that gives pot users their highs) in cannabis is different than that of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Then it was 2%, but now it’s over 15%. Documentaries reveal that Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Carlos Santana and Justin Bieber all started on their paths to destruction by toking a joint. Santana and Bieber survived; the other two are dead.

Remember the Trojan Horse?

The phrase “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” comes to mind. Just as the Greek army destroyed Troy through subterfuge in 1200 B.C., marijuana advocates are doing the same with their seductive logic.

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