Joseph Z: Super Tuesday and the Prophetic Facebook Outage

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Abby Trivett

The Meta outage that occurred for both Facebook and Instagram impacted people worldwide, and it suspiciously happened on Super Tuesday of all days. While there’s no direct evidence that this outage was caused to disrupt anything people may see about elections, the Spirit of the Lord has been downloading some prophetic insights into Joseph Z about what this occurrence means for our future.

“When there’s big news you’ve got to watch the small news,” Z says. “You’re going to keep seeing disruptions until they get their way, but they’re not going to get their way because I have a sense that even with what’s going on in this narrative is that we’re going to see the former have a really good opportunity to come right back in, and I think the Lord is doing everything He can…”

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Z points out that this mysterious outage is just a test for something more to come. As we recently saw the AT&T phone network outages as well, this is a warning worth heeding from Z.

“I think we’re gearing up for something they want to launch into the spring, summer and certainly right before we get into the time where we pick our leaders,” Z says.

Z prophesied that it’s not only social media outages we should be on the lookout for going forward, but water crises, cyber warfare and solar flare narratives that will emerge. He says we should be on the lookout for a shaking coming to the airlines as well.

“The airlines are coming with a great shaking and a tremendous trembling,” Z says. “The airlines are going to get more and more chaotic because they want to induce chaos.”

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Z further warns that the cyberattacks will continue as artificial intelligence usage also skyrockets, and that what we saw happen with this Meta outage is being off-set so that the truth behind it doesn’t come out.

“They know who’s winning,” Z says. “They know who’s the forerunner, they know who’s shutting down the others. They know who’s out ahead of the pack right now, and they don’t want it.”

Amid these attempts to bring down the nation through fear and false narration, Z believes that there is hope in the middle of all of these scenarios. He suggests that we are approaching a two-year period ripe for revival.

“I believe we’re on a two-year revival pathway, a two-year turnaround, a two-year American renewal, a two-year American right-sizing,” Z says. “And the Lord is helping you with this.”

This also comes, as Z proposes, during a time of a watchman anointing where God is putting people in place who are able to discern the times, the signs of the times and know who they are with. This is to be a time of recompense for those who have humbly paid the price in past seasons for the Lord to do mighty works through them now.

Only time will tell how this Super Tuesday prophecy along with some of Joseph Z’s other prophesies will play out as 2024 continues to unfold.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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