Is This the Man Who Will Sacrifice the Red Heifer?

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James Lasher

Amid worldwide speculation about the ceremony of the red heifer, the Temple Institute may have found the young man who will lead the ceremony.

The kohen (Hebrew for priest) was shown in a picture posted to Facebook looking over the red heifers in their secret location in Shiloh.

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“The young kohen in the photo visiting the red heifer candidates in Shiloh, is fit to perform the red heifer ceremony.”

The Temple Institute notes that the young man, who remains unnamed in the post, possibly for security reasons, has met the highest level of requirements for purity according to the Torah. He was born at home, according to the Temple Institute, and has never been inside of a hospital, “having never contracted tum’at met (impurity imparted by contact with a corpse).”

In regard to the performing of the red heifer sacrifice, the post alludes to the possibility that the Temple Institute has offered this young kohen the opportunity to lead the ceremony, or at least to participate in it.

“Should he opt to participate in the Temple Institute’s ongoing preparations in anticipation of the renewal of the ashes of the red heifer, he will undergo intense instruction and training,” the post concludes.

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While there have been varying reports about when the sacrifice is set to take place, no one knows the date of this ceremony that has caught the attention of the world.

What is known by the sheer volume of attention the red heifers are receiving is that many Jews are waiting in anticipation for the ceremony they believe will purify them before Yahweh and live in obedience to His commands of purification. Meanwhile, many Christians and Muslims believe this ceremony is a prophetic event that will be another sign of the end times and the days of the Antichrist, or the man of evil in Islam, Dajjal.

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.

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