Alexander Pagani and Alan DiDio: How to Break Generational Curses

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Do you believe it’s possible to be set free from generational curses?

In an interview between apostle Alexander Pagani and Bishop Alan DiDio on the Encounter Today podcast, the two got candid about deliverance and how generational curses can impact the life of a believer.

“Deliverance ministry is to get a person free and that they stay free,” Pagani says. “What I saw was deliverance idolatry of the same people coming back over and over and over. Eventually, I began to inquire again that conversation, ‘Okay, Lord, what am I doing wrong?'”

Pagani says what the Lord showed him is that these people weren’t affected by demonic oppression. Instead, they were dealing with a different spiritual battle.

“The Holy Spirit impressed upon me that their problem wasn’t a demonic issue. It was a generational curse issue that they needed to resolve between them, their bloodline and God,” Pagani says.

DiDio pointed out that as Christians, we become new creations in Christ. So, how do believers wind up with generational curses if our sins are covered by the blood of Jesus?

Citing 1 John 5, Pagani says there is a spectrum of levels of sin.

“You’ve got sin, transgression, iniquity [and] abomination,” Pagani says. “The realm of iniquity, which means long-term, unrepented sin that begins to change the nature of the person, which we would call habit patterns.”

Pagani points out that after years of walking in willful disobedience, these practices will eventually turn into iniquities. The bondage then no longer is something the person practices, but it is what they become.

“Where we mess up is Christians stop there,” Pagani says. “They never get cleansed of unrighteousness.”

How does one break a generational curse?

Pagani says the first step is to fast. This is so God can help reveal to you what needs to be renounced.

“It’s through fasting because now you’re denying your flesh. Now you’re dealing with the body and that’s where it starts,” Pagani says.

Dealing with generational curses, while not something most people think to do, might just be one of the most important things we can do. Just because your family history tells one story does not mean you have to walk in that bondage. Through Christ, you truly can be victorious.  

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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