‘United for Israel’ Rally Draws Hundreds at USC Campus

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Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Los Angeles, California, this week in a unified front to counter the anti-Semitic movement that’s been sweeping college campuses across America.

Washington-based Pursuit Church and Sean Feucht’s “Let Us Worship” hosted the inter-faith “United for Israel” rally at the University of Southern California (USC) Wednesday evening.

The USC college campus has been one of the many universities plagued with anti-Israeli protestors calling for “Death to Israel” and “Death to America”. 

But last night, Christian worship music filled the streets, and Christians, Jews and Muslims released a different message  “Never Again!” and “Jewish Hate Must Go!”

The pro-Israel rally was a follow-up to a similar march held in April at Columbia University in New York City, drawing 4,500 attendees.

“Every Christian and person of faith across America should be absolutely horrified at what we’re seeing take place right now on these university campuses that have become hotbeds for anti-Semitism and hatred of the Jews — an annihilation of an entire nation,” Feucht previously told CBN News.

“This is essentially a response to that and it’s rallying the church, it’s rallying Jewish leaders, it’s rallying organizations that want to say…’This is America. These are our universities and campuses in our cities. We’re not going to stand for this,'” he added.

Pastor Russell Johnson of Pursuit Church told K-LOVE the rally’s focus was on essential issues including Israel’s right to self-defense, the immediate release of all remaining hostages, and the restoration of lasting peace in the region.

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