AG Missionaries: Muslims Encountering Jesus in Dreams at ‘Alarming Rate’

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Two Assemblies of God missionaries are sharing multiple first-hand testimonies of Muslims coming to the Christian faith after encountering Jesus Christ in their dreams.

James Bradford, the lead pastor at Central Assembly in Springfield, Missouri, and missionary Dick Brogden told Assemblies of God News that God is answering the prayers of Christians who are praying for Muslims.

They admit any Islamic country is a dangerous place for a Christian and there are few opportunities for open evangelism. But they report Muslims are meeting Jesus in their dreams and converting to Christianity at an alarming rate.

“I would even say it’s the normal experience,” Brogden said. “It would be accurate to say that Muslims are responding to Jesus in levels we have never seen, not in 1,400 years!

“Dreams are contributing to revelation (as in assurance), the process of evangelism and conversion,” he continued. “So many Muslims reject Islam but know that to follow Jesus will cost them everything. Dreams of Jesus encourage them along the way and give them the comfort that Jesus will be with them—though it cost them everything to follow Him.”

Bradford shared that he was in a Muslim country meeting with church leaders from several Muslim nations. One of the leaders shared a testimony of a woman who had a dream where she saw Jesus.

“A woman had left the Muslim faith, but she was full of hatred and suspicion of Christians. She didn’t know what to do—she asked God for help,” he explained. “One night she had a dream where she saw a shepherd, walking about an empty tomb with a staff. The shepherd walked around it a few times, and then He headed directly toward the woman. He had a loaf of bread in His hands, which He broke and offered to her and as He did, He said, ‘Take, eat, this is My body.'”

He went on the share that the woman, who knew nothing about the Bible, woke up and contacted a person who she knew was a Christian.

“He showed her in the Bible where Jesus had said those very words. The woman accepted Jesus as her Savior—and continues to serve him to this day,” Bradford said.

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