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Titan Sub Incident Highlights Moral Decline and Need for Spiritual Renewal

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James Lasher

Chicago Pastor Marcus Rogers from Firehouse Church has issued a poignant warning to Christians, drawing attention to the intense spiritual warfare prevailing in today’s world.

The recent incident involving the OceanGate Titan submarine’s exploration of the Titanic has sparked concerns regarding the prophesied end times and the imperative of turning toward God. As believers, our Christian worldview significantly influences our perception of the world, underscoring the necessity of prayer for a lost and troubled society.

Rogers points to a step-son of one of the deceased from the OceanGate tragedy attending a rock concert as a symptom of society placing priority in one’s self and personal desires over what is moral and good.

While some individuals may debate the appropriateness of attending a concert amid such a crisis, what truly troubles us is the widespread circulation of disrespectful jokes on social media platforms.

This disconcerting trend of trivializing serious situations serves as a vivid manifestation of the perilous era we find ourselves in, as outlined in 2 Timothy 3. People’s self-centeredness, relentless pursuit of self-promotion and lack of empathy have become glaringly apparent.

For those who recall the earlier decades, there exists a palpable awareness of a time when America seemed different, a time that held promise. Regrettably for the younger generation, this present distorted reality has become the new normal, potentially obscuring the gravity of societal decline.

As one drives past churches today, the shocking levels of disrespect and moral decadence are evident, presenting a striking contrast to the past. Regardless of those who choose to deny it, the unmistakable decline in moral values cannot be ignored. It is now more critical than ever to seek God, align ourselves with His truth and boldly manifest our faith.

In light of the OceanGate incident and the heartless reactions prevalent on social media, let us fervently pray for the affected families and find the inner strength to stand unwavering in our beliefs. May we fearlessly proclaim God’s truth in the Bible to a world seemingly enamored with sin and rebellion.

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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