Germany Ignores Horror of Exploiting Children

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Michael L. Brown

In an indefensible, morally reprehensible ruling, Germany has drastically reduced the legal consequences of child pornography. There is no universe in which such a ruling can be justified. The very thought of it is horrible.

As reported on Reduux, “Germany’s Parliament (Bundestag) has received the votes necessary to remove a section of the Criminal Code which made the possession of child sexual abuse materials a felony crime. Once the bill, passed last Thursday, comes into effect, minimum sentences for the possession of child pornography will be reduced, and the offense will be downgraded to a misdemeanor.”

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To be specific, “the bill stipulates that ‘possession and acquisition should be punishable with a minimum penalty of three months’ imprisonment, and distribution with a minimum penalty of six months’ imprisonment, and distribution with a minimum penalty of six months’ imprisonment. The offenses regulated in Section 184b of the Criminal Code are therefore classified as misdemeanors and not as crimes.’”

Why would the Parliament make this ruling?

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One alleged justification was to protect “parents and teachers of children who download the content in order to inform law enforcement.”

But why not make that a clear exception? These individuals could simply work with law enforcement, stating their purposes and asking that their web activity be carefully monitored.

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