A Call to the Watchmen on Jerusalem’s Walls

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Grant Berry and Leslie Crincoli

Each month, Grant Berry and Bob Wolff join Dai Sup Han on Prayer Surge Now, a national prayer conference call for the Watchmen of the Lord.

Their focus in this prayer hour is on unifying the Ekklesia/church in The One New Man (TONM) between Jews and Gentiles to help fulfill Yeshua/Jesus’ prayer of John 17, understanding the greater depths of prayer for the peace of Jerusalem, and the salvation of Israel and the nations. Click here for call-in information.

Grant Berry and Bob Wolff started their segments by briefly discussing their recent book publications on the importance of believers (Jewish and Gentile) deepening the understanding of their identities and roles in God’s kingdom at this particular time in history.

Grant led off by providing an overview of the Romans 911 Project, specifically for God’s Watchmen to engage in the 12- to14-hour video teaching series. The purpose of the project is to unify Jewish and Gentile believers, and all races and tongues in TONM, and mobilize the body of Messiah/Christ into God’s end-time plans. Romans 911 (R911) is a transformational study that equips the Ekklesia/church with greater revelation and knowledge into these strategies to move the body into a deeper prayer focus to help awaken the church at large, especially for our pastors and leaders.

The project encompasses three primary tools: the Romans 911 book (2nd ed.), the Reconnection Mandate and the Romans 911 Study Guide.

The book delivers a comprehensive understanding of all issues concerning Israel and the church, the Messianic movement, and the need to restore John 17 love and healing between all family members. It is this restoration that triggers unity for the whole family of God.

The mandate, comprised of five significant directives, helps the body prepare to embark on this journey of restoration, reconnection and realignment in TONM.

The study guide with a dual-pronged focus, one to Gentile believers and the other to Messianic believers, sets us on the pathway to reunite the two groups. The dual-pronged approach deals separately with the unique issues that affect Gentile and Jewish believers. The guide is divided into two parts: Part 1 has a personal focus, and Part 2 leads us into end-time reforms and how to prepare for the Lord’s return. It is designed as a one-hour Bible study, dialogue and prayer for groups, churches and congregations to learn more on these most vital issues.

Sue Palmer, an intercessor for Israel for 15-20 years, shared how her experience with the R911 Project study helped her grasp greater insight into The Reconnection message. Though a proponent of the R911 message for many years, the enemy still would cloud her understanding in certain areas. As a result of her ongoing course study, God continues to weed out any confusion and open her eyes in a transformative process. She compares her development to a budding flower that opens slowly. It takes time and dedication for the teaching to take root because the enemy has erected obstacles to our understanding. In due course, deeper layers will unfurl to help us fully comprehend the stepping stones that lead to John 17 love and unity in the family.

Bob Wolff of Majestic Glory introduces his latest collaborative effort, Kingdom Calling. This back-to-the-basics field manual revitalizes His body for His kingdom purposes. We dive deep into the essential elements of our faith to obtain and secure genuine intimacy with our Father. Each segment culminates in spoken decrees that rejuvenate this kingdom calling. The book highlights seven foundational steps:

  1. Re-examine the Lord’s Prayer
  2. Acknowledge my identity as one with God
  3. Accept my mantle of leadership
  4. Welcome my Father’s guidance
  5. Partner with all humanity
  6. Receive my spiritual gifts
  7. Glorify the living God, as presented by Yeshua at His Last Supper.

Both of these foundational books reveal our Lord’s call to take us deeper, as He reunites His family. We must undo divisions in His body, equip believers, bring salvation to all in order to fulfill our end-time roles and our highest calling in the kingdom of God.

To order the R911 Project materials, please visit Romans911.org. To learn more about the Awakening in the One New Man, please visit awakening1.org. {eoa}

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