World Famous Atheist Identifies as a ‘Cultural Christian’

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Abby Trivett

Is Richard Dawkins one step closer to Jesus?

The world-famous atheist and evolutionary biologist is calling himself a ‘cultural Christian’ in light of the lack of Easter celebrations in London, where Ramadan festivities lit up the city instead.

As Fox News reported, Dawkins said in an interview with LBC, “I must say I’m slightly horrified to hear that Ramadan is being promoted instead. I feel that we are a Christian country.”

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While Dawkins does not believe the Word of God to be true, he also does not believe another religion can accurately serve as a substitute for creating the best possible society.

“It’s true that statistically, the number of people who actually believe in Christianity is going down and I’m happy with that, but I would not be happy if, for example, we lost all our cathedrals and our beautiful parish churches. So, I count myself a cultural Christian,” Dawkins said.

Dawkins further distinguished that he is not a believing Christian and does not believe “a single word” of Christianity. However, he feels “at home” in the society Christianity has created. He also says he would choose the Christian faith over Islam anytime because he believes Islam’s doctrines are hostile.

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Dawkins’ statement about Christianity comes as the White House originally planned an iftar Ramadan dinner for this week. This followed the Biden Administration’s decision to highlight the “Transgender Day of Visibility” on the sacred Christian holy day of Easter.

If Dawkins, who does not truly believe in God, can see the good that Christianity has on society, perhaps there’s more to this scenario. Christianity may be good for society because it brings a light to the darkness and provides a firm foundation of moral stability. Let’s continue to pray that God use Christianity to shape nations and societies, and even transform hearts like Dawkins’.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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