Top of the Week: Pro Football Legend Jim Kelly Boldly Expresses His Faith Through Baptism

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Pro Football Legend Jim Kelly Boldly Expresses His Faith Through Baptism

In a powerful display of his unwavering faith, Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly made headlines this summer as he took a bold step, getting baptized.

This significant moment was shared with the world through a video and photos posted on Instagram by Jim’s wife, Jill. The imagery captured Kelly in a red shirt bearing the words, “God’s real.” In a poignant exchange during the baptism, he was asked a simple yet profound question while immersed in the water, “Do you love Jesus?” To which he emphatically responded, “Yes I do!”

Jill, in the caption of her post, expressed her deep belief, saying, “Jim’s t-shirt says, ‘God’s Real.’ He is! I have witnessed God at work in this man’s life for over 30 years…and I can tell you that God isn’t just REAL, He is faithful, trustworthy, kind, loving, compassionate, powerful, gracious, GOOD, merciful, forgiving…and so so much MORE. He is immeasurably MORE than we can imagine! He is EVERYTHING!

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Christian UFC Fighter Holds Bible High While Calling Out Satan in the Octagon

In a heart-pounding showdown at UFC Vegas 79, Christian fighter Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell displayed not only his remarkable skills but also his unwavering faith and compassion. The co-headlining Men’s Featherweight bout pitted Mitchell against the formidable Dan Ige, and their encounter left spectators in awe.

Mitchell’s journey to this victorious moment was marked by a setback—a career-first loss in December. However, he returned to the Octagon with newfound determination and a resolute spirit. After three grueling rounds of grappling, Mitchell, on the verge of his 29th birthday, clinched the victory by unanimous decision.

Bryce Mitchell doing Bryce Mitchell things…channeling his inner Braveheart, holding his Bible in the air while screaming “FREEDOM!!!” #UFCVegas79

— InsideFighting (@InsideFighting_) September 24, 2023

How to Identify and Separate False Prophets

As the days grow spiritually darker across the world, as they must for the return of Jesus Christ to take place, false prophets and teachers are laying claim to deceived souls at a record pace.

With the power of social media at their fingertips, millions are being lulled into a false sense of spiritual community with a figure that is leading them down death’s path.

Recently, Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, shared a passionately personal story of having to unhitch himself, and the church, from a friend who has been deceived by one of these false prophets.

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Jonathan Cahn’s Prophetic Message Resonating 3 Years After ‘The Return’

Three years have passed since Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s powerful prophetic message resounded on the National Mall during “The Return: National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance.” The message he delivered on Sept. 26, 2020, drawing correlations between ancient Scripture and present circumstances, still reverberates.

As the event commenced with the resounding of trumpets and shofars, echoing the biblical solemn assembly described in Joel 2:15, Cahn, the author of the No. 1 bestseller “The Josiah Manifesto,” urged the assembled crowd to reflect on the grievous sins of our nation and the world. He emphasized how, similar to the people of ancient Israel, we have strayed from God, replacing Him with idols such as prosperity, comfort and immorality.

“We too have become our own gods,” Cahn lamented.

Guidelines for Ministering Deliverance, Part 1

Praying for deliverance is something that must be done with encouragement, acceptance and love.

To deliver someone, demons must be driven away and access doors closed to prevent the return of the evil spirits. Access doors can be opened by hurts, sins and unforgiveness and will remain open if these feelings are not dealt with in a hopeful, loving way.

The Person Is The Priority

When we minister deliverance, we are ministering to a person, not a demon. As you minister, counsel the person in order to bring forth the truth. Minister quietly, avoiding flamboyant demonstrations of warfare. Satan loves to make a scene and will try to humiliate and torment in the midst of deliverance. We want to rob him of every opportunity to do so. Bottari teaches: “Deliverance is not about shouting! It is focused on discovering what it is that is giving the enemy authority to remain in a person’s life.”

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