Former Nickelodeon Star’s Unbelievable Deliverance Testimony

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Abby Trivett

Mitchell was best known for his role on shows like “All That” and  “Kenan and Kel,” which he starred in alongside Kenan Thompson. Mitchell says that while he was brought up in church, it was when he went through a time of prayer and deliverance that he really saw the power of God moving in his life.

As Mitchell started praying with a group of evangelists and friends, he saw the physical signs of deliverance breaking through his spirit and into the physical realm.

“When she started praying over us, there was this moment where everybody just started spitting up, throwing up,” Mitchell says. “It was really like an exorcist type of moment.”

One piece of advice Mitchell was given during this prayer session was to forgive by saying out loud the name of the person he needed to forgive so he could adequately let go of the situation. Mitchell knew in this moment that he had to forgive his ex-wife whom he had a nasty split with.

The woman he was talking to during this time of deliverance also saw something significant in the spirit regarding Mitchell’s ex-wife.

“She said, ‘also she has done some things as far as are as like putting the hex on you,’” Mitchell recalls.

Mitchell began to plead the blood of Jesus over his life, and as he did so, the things of the spiritual realm started to make themselves known in the physical.

“Now, I’m spitting up and within that process I’m getting reconnected to the Lord in a very spiritual way,” Mitchell says. “Demons start like literally speaking out their name. I’m saying their names out loud, but they’re coming out of my body. So, each one is saying who they are.”

“My face was totally clear,” Mitchell says. “At that moment no one could tell that there’s not a God because I understood that this is spiritual warfare that we’re dealing with.”

This experience helped him to see how we truly do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities. He saw how the enemy tries to chase people down because of the calling that God marks us with for His own good and perfect purposes.

Mitchell also says that it’s vital for us to see how the enemy works through Satanic worship and generational curses.

“There’s people that pray to Satan,” Mitchell says. “That’s just a real thing and we got to understand that. And, there’s people that have generational curses within their family.”

Mitchell, who now serves as a pastor, also discussed how learning about the power of soul ties was transformative for his own walk with God. He encourages others to be careful of who they bond with.

“They might break up with somebody, but that person could still have a hold on them,” Mitchell says. “So, you’ve got to be able to get that off of you.”

Mitchell’s testimony is one that demonstrates that the power of God is bigger than anything else, and that the spiritual realm is one we cannot ignore if we are to have a thriving, healthy life in Christ.

Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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