Blac Chyna’s Faith Journey: ‘I Didn’t Have a Back Up Plan’

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Abby Trivett

When one person comes to know the Lord, all of heaven rejoices.

As Church Leaders noted, White became known for stripping, rapping and modeling. Her fame took off due to her ties with the Kardashians and her OnlyFans account. However, after committing her life to Jesus, she got rid of the account with no backup plan on what her source of income would be.

As Lecrae pointed out, some people may have thought that that White’s conversion to Christianity was nothing more than a scam and a way to gain attention. However, she says this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Nobody needs publicity when you’re already Blac Chyna,” White says. “You just walk outside.”

White says when she was ready to delete her OnlyFans account she called up her bishop to let him know it was time for her to release the old.

“Even when I stopped the OnlyFans I didn’t have a backup plan,” White says.

Lecrae says the most misunderstood part of the entertainment industry is how spiritual darkness reigns in it, shifting people around to do vile things for glory and riches.

White says it was around her birthday when she realized the only thing she wanted was to get baptized. While her life was still rocky in many ways, this is what she wanted most. White finally took the plunge into the water on May 11, 2022.

“I was just, like really honestly just tired of myself and like tired of waking up and feeling a certain type of way when I know for a fact I’m way smarter than that,” White says.

As her life has drastically changed, it can be wondered then, who is Angela White?

“I want them to look at me as a businesswoman, as a model, entrepreneur and just as a real person,” White says.

Completing her daily devotions, cleaning house and raising her children are all normal parts of White’s routine that she wants people to know she does just like anyone else. Overall, White just wants people to know that she is a real person who has transformed her life.

“We’ve been rolling by faith this whole time,” White says.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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