Morning Rundown: Megachurch Causes Stir Over Easter Invites

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Megachurch Causes Stir Over Easter Invites

Who knew Easter could be so controversial?

Megachurch Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, has been stirring up controversy over this year’s invitations.

Digital content creator Nikki Shearer explained in an interview with Pro Church Tools why the church will not be using key phrases like “the blood of Jesus,” “resurrection” or “Calvary” on their Easter invites.

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Rare Disorder Causing Man to ‘See’ Demonic Faces

A man from Clarksville, Tennessee, is suffering from a profoundly rare neurological disorder that causes him to see people’s faces as “demonic.”

Victor Sharrah, 59, woke up one day in November 2020—in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic—thinking he had crossed over into some sort of demonic realm.

“My first thought was I woke up in a demon world,” he told NBC News, referring to the disturbing faces looking back at him—faces with ears, noses, eyes and mouths stretched back with deep grooves in their foreheads and cheeks.

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Double Blow: Charles’ and Kate’s Cancer Revelations Shock the World

The royal family is dealing with the plague of cancer from two of its most esteemed members.

As Princess Kate announced on Friday that she has been undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, King Charles III is also feeling the pressure of his cancer diagnosis.

As NBC News reported, Peter Phillips, the oldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth, said that Charles was “in good spirits.” However, that doesn’t mean that Charles is completely satisfied with how things are going.

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