Morning Rundown: California Directive: Police and Fire Chaplains Told to Cease Prayers ‘In Jesus’ Name’

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California Directive: Police and Fire Chaplains Told to Cease Prayers ‘In Jesus’ Name’

A California police chaplain and a fire chaplain are demanding that their local city council revoke a recent order that forbids them from concluding prayers at events “in Jesus’ name.”

First Liberty Institute, a nonprofit legal group that aims to defend religious freedoms, sent a letter to the Carlsbad City Council requesting the organization overturn a recent order by the city manager to keep police chaplain J.C. Cooper and fire chaplain Denny Cooper from praying in the name of Jesus.

J.C. Cooper is a local pastor who has served as a volunteer chaplain for the Carlsbad Police Department for six years.

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Diploma Denied: High School Student Penalized for Praising Jesus ‘Off-Script’

There have been some sketchy high school graduation speeches in the past, and many did not have their diplomas held back due to the nature of the student’s speech.

But throw an off-script praise of Jesus Christ into today’s society and you are sure to ruffle some feathers.

This very thing happened to recent graduate Micah Price of Campbell County High School in Alexandria, Kentucky.

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Las Vegas Analyst Shocked by Mysterious ‘Crash Site’

The talk of UFOs, UAPs, extraterrestrials, demons and the supernatural has flooded the media for the last few years, with Congress even going so far as to hold hearings on the phenomena.

No longer is it just “crazed conspiracy theorists” who are talking about these encounters; now even licensed professionals are reporting odd disturbances taking place across the U.S.

One such witness, crime scene reconstruction analyst Scott Roder, couldn’t believe what he saw and was almost at a loss to describe it at a “crash site” in Las Vegas recently.

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