Jonathan Cahn Warns America of Judgment In His Stunning New Book

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Nadia Schult

Jonathan Cahn has received a mind-blowing prophetic word: America is headed for judgment unless it turns back to God.

Eight years ago, Cahn wrote his first book, The Harbinger, which revealed nine harbingers, or signs, that appeared in the last days of ancient Israel, warning the nation of its coming fall. Now those signs are reappearing on American soil as wellbearing the same warning.

Eight years later, that which The Harbinger foretold has come to pass, and God has given Cahn the go ahead to write the long-awaited sequel—The Harbinger II: The Return. This astonishing book, released on Sep. 1, 2020, has set all kinds of sales records and hit number one on bestseller lists around the world as people scramble to buy their own copy and try to gain understanding of what’s happening in our world today.

The Beginning of Judgment

The Harbinger II: The Return reveals how the ancient mystery has continuedhow this ancient secret lies behind everything that’s happening now: the coronavirus, the economic collapse, the division of America and much more. It outlines why it’s happening, where it’s all leading, what the future holds and the keys that God’s people must have now for dealing with the days ahead.

According to Cahn, the nine specific harbingers were not the end of judgment but the beginning of judgment. It was not the end of God’s warning but the beginningand there was always more to tell.

“Ever since The Harbinger came out I was asked when the sequel would come,” says Cahn. “I always held backI knew I couldn’t write it until the time was right.”

Cahn says he knew that 2020 would be a year of great shaking. “I shared publicly at the start of the year that 2020 would be a year of dark events … It would be the resuming of the mystery of The Harbinger. I knew I was to write the sequel to warn those who would hear.”

A Leader Prophesies Defiance

In an interview on The Jim Bakker Show in August of 2020, Cahn explains the urgency of God’s message in The Harbinger II.

“The warning is now more crucial than ever,” he said. “If we follow the mystery of the harbingerwhich is the last days of Israelthe signs that appeared to warn them and the shaking that came in the strike on a land, was a warning. And we know from the Bible that ancient Israel did not come back to God but in fact, it got worse. It became more brazen in its sin, and its fall accelerated.

“And America has followed that patternit has been accelerating in its fall from God, in its defiance of God.”

According to Cahn, this is not a surprise. “It was all foreshadowed on Capitol Hill the day after 9/11,” he says, “when the leader of the Senate, Tom Daschle, actually proclaims the Scripture of the harbinger, Isaiah 9:10: ‘The bricks have fallen down, But we will rebuild with hewn stones; The sycamores are cut down, But we will replace them with cedars.’

“This verse is what the leaders of ancient Israel said after the strike on their nation, and it’s what Daschle said too, linking America to judgment, pronouncing judgment on America.” said Cahn. “Daschle speaks of the sycamore that was struck down; he speaks of the stone (that’s one of the other harbingers) and that comes true too. He speaks of the history which is going to come true three years later. Anyone can watch the whole thing on YouTube just as he spoke it on Sept. 12, 2001.

“His speech was prophetic,” Cahn said. “And in his very last words he says, ‘This is what we will do.’ And that’s the end of the speech. What’s the ‘this’ he was referring to? He was saying they would do what was spoken in Isaiah 9:10. He said, ‘We’re going to follow the prophecy in Isaiah.’ What does that mean? It’s saying that the nation is going to rise up in defiance of God instead of coming humbly to appear before God to repentit’s going to go against God and it’s going to accelerate.”

Cahn pointed out that, according to the Bible, that’s exactly what happened in the last days of Israel as they headed to judgment.

Increasing Signs

“So America has literally been following the course of the harbinger since 9/11,” Cahn continued. “The Left has followed it, those who are against God have followed itall those who have an agenda against God’s ways and against the gospel, they’re following it.”

Cahn spoke about the judgment template of the Bible and a window of opportunity to turn back to God. “The pattern is that God allows a strike on a nation, and then He gives a period of time for the nation to repent,” he said. “This is a time of the mercy and grace of God. It’s a set period of time. It’s a window and we are in that window right now.

“That’s one of the reasons why I was led to write The Harbinger II this year,” said Cahn. “The Lord had me holding off for years until the time was right, and at the end of last year I finally got the go ahead that the time is now. Because there are increasing signs that we are coming to the end of that window. So this is crucial.”

America In Danger

Cahn says we have moved into the last period. “Since 9/11 and my first book The Harbinger came out, I don’t think there’s anybody who could say that America has come closer to God. It’s gone much farther from God. We’ve had witches gathering under the moon casting spells against the president of the United States. We’ve had God booed at the Democratic National Conventionthe word “God” was booed; Jerusalem was booed.

“We’ve had the Supreme Court strike down the ways of God that have stood for thousands of years. We’ve had sexual immorality promoted throughout America to our children as never before. We’ve had gender attack; we’ve had the explosion of witchcraft; we’ve had a falling away from the faith. We’ve gone from a nation that has known God and sought to follow God, to falling away from God, and now warring against God.”

Cahn warns that as the harbingers have continued, the danger is getting closer. “As the harbingers have continued in this periodthe warnings, the manifestations, the signs have appeared and continuedso America is literally following the mystery,” he says. “As I showed in one of my other books, The Paradigm, it’s actually the leaders in America who are replaying the mystery of the ancient leaders of Israel. And that puts us in a much more dangerous place right now.

“That’s why I believe I had to write this book,” says Cahn, “and why I believe that the word of the warning and the message is more crucial now than ever.”

Is America running out of time? Is there anything we can do about it? It all becomes clear in The Harbinger II: The Return.

Find out more at theharbingerreturns.com. {eoa}

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