Arizona Democrat Praises Satanists on Senate Floor

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James Lasher

In a move that defies every argument against Satanism not infecting America today, Democrat state senator Juan Mendez publicly praised The Satanic Temple and their plight in America.

Mendez commended the Satanists, stating they took a “noble action,” and expressed that he’s “graced” with their presence.

“Members, I would like to introduce a group of Arizonans—some from my district but they have membership all across the state,” Mendez said from behind a mask during the Senates floor session.

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“They are here to confront the arbitrary, tyrannical authority of religious persecution that’s scheduled for government committee later on today. We are graced with the presence of ministers and members of the Satanic Temple of Arizona. Please stand today. They are at the Capitol today to fight for the rights of their more than 12,000 members of their denomination and the rights of free speech and free exercise of all Arizonans,” he continues.

Mendez continued propping The Satanic Temple on some kind of moral pedestal, as though they are freedom fighters against an oppressive authority. Even though it was Christianity that influenced this nations Founders to value freedom of religion in the first place.

“The Temple practices non-theistic Satanism divorced from superstition without any belief in gods or devils. They practice the religious values of compassion, justice, bodily autonomy, free speech, science, humility and noble actions,” Mendez claims.

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Mendez affirmed that the Satanic Temple engages in community outreach, emphasizing their objective to foster “benevolence and empathy among all people.”

This incident in Arizona is simply another in a long line of establishing Satanism in American government. Recently, the Iowa Capitol building allowed a demonic idol to be erected in it’s halls, until Christian, Navy veteran Michael Cassidy destroyed it and is now being charged with a “hate-crime.”

Additional controversy ensued when a second Satanic statue was installed in front of the Michigan State Capitol, closely following the one erected in Iowa. A Democratic staff member posed with the statue, describing it as “sexy.” Subsequently, the statue has been removed from the premises.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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